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  1. Transmission alley
    The shifter/trans support linkage on ny stock EJ6 keeps snapping right at the mount pin and im trying to find a stronger linkage than what i have but all i see is b-series stuff. Does anyone know where to get one? The one i have is an OEM linkage i bought directly from honda, with Energy...
  2. General Tech
    Hi hoping to find a set of wheels and tires to replace my ugly stock rims missing hub caps. 98 silver honda civic.... i dont know where to begin. Ordering something online and shipping to my door could be good or bad. any recomendations. Just a comuter car. completely repainted back to factory...
  3. Engine Building
    1996 D16Y8, 4dr. Skunk2 performance intake manifold, Pacesetter header (budget) Very new to the aftermarket scene. I am a mechanic by hobby. Any and all help is appreciated!
  4. Suspension Corner
    I bought one of these used last week for $40 and couldn't pass it up. 17mm sway bar and all the hardware, except pass. side endlink cuz the previous owner stuck the bar on a rusty as hell Si (EX coupe for Canada) ripped the subframe out and ripped one the endlink out. So his loss, my gain...
  5. Audio/Electronics
    well i had aftermarket reverse glow gauges that came with my car, and ever since i bought it they would flicker. they kept randomly going out and then back on, as if a ground was bad, and it did this for about two months to me, and im not sure how long to the previous owner, but he warned me...
1-5 of 5 Results