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  1. Engine Leakage

    New Member Introductions
    Just bought a 91 RT4WD Civic Wagon, but the engine is leaking a ton so I replaced the crank seal. I'm waiting for a new lower timing cover (the lower bolt that holds the alternator was completely missing, so the alternator belt sawed completely through the timing cover) The crank seal, along...
  2. Modern A/C for a low-tech EG

    General Tech
    Sometimes I borrow an Acura from the family. The climate control on it is awesome. Just turn the dial to set the thermostat to whatever temperature you want. I want to do this for my honda. Right now I have a bad three-wire A/C Thermostat. First thing I need to know: Is it safe to bridge the...
  3. Turbo Civic AC build Pic **56k no way**

    Turbo Civic AC build Pic *Update* 04-11-12 **56k no way** Ok i wasnt going to start this thread till i had all my parts and installed day came, but i got a few requests for pics. This is a very planed out custom kit. If you follow this kit to a tee you should be turboed up and running and...
  4. AC not workin, and i smell gas! help please

    Engine Management
    so when i bought this car the guy told me he thought it needed a new compressor anyway i charged my ac with all the freon it could possibly hold and it started working.... of course the freon escaped over the course of 2 weeks... now idk where the leeks is... i used the stuff so u could see it...
  5. A/C problem, any help? 97 Civic Ex

    General Tech
    When I turn my a/c on it seems like it is drawing alot of power out of the car. The air still comes out ICE cold. But while im driving if I turn the air on I can feel a big power loss in the car. The pully or belt starts squealing. If I trun the a/c on while I'm stopped sometimes it sounds like...
  6. Climate Control Issues...again.

    General Tech
    The purpose of this thread is more of a consensus and discussion of similar A/C problems than a query. I was driving through some heavy rain this morning, using my A/C to keep the windows from fogging. Out of the corner of my eye I see the A/C switch flickering. Suddenly there is a rather...
  7. Air conditioner belt replacement

    Engine Building
    how do i do this? Does the belt run under the engine mount at the front? any advice ASAP would be awesome thanks:tank::rockon: