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  1. New Member Introductions
    Over the winter i am looking to completely rebuild my engine with forged internals, switch to a manual transmission, and throw a turbo in her. i have worked on the car before (have installed full exhaust system: headers, cat delete, yonaka catback exhaust, true cold air intake, throttle body...
  2. General Tech
    i have a 95 civic with the d15 in it and i have this bad valve noise and i have been told its bad to have it from some people and some on this web site says its normal i have a video on here let me know what you think could be the problem
  3. General Tech
    I am wanting to do an Interior mods on my 95 civic it has tan interior and I would like to keep the factory color any ideas I do know I want to have race seats but after that Idk what all I can do to it any ideas
  4. Engine Building
    i recently got a 95 civic ex, it has a d16 in it. im not all sure what i can do with the single cam to make it alot faster other then a turbo system and supercharger, maybe the headers, but im not all to sure, i need advice, and help, haha, sucks to admit but rather have help and make it right...
  5. Forced Induction
    Hey guys I need help setting up a turbo for my 95 civic. I have the turbo, I wanna run 10 psi of boost with stock internals. I talked to a guy about tuning it and he said I need a Fuel Management Unit, an ecu and a fuel pump. He recommended a Hondata S300 what do you guys think?? What about a...
1-5 of 5 Results