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  1. New to tuning, I have a general idea but would like help

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    I recently bought myself a 95 four door with a d16z6. Much of the car is stock from the previous owner (they just changed the rear suspension). I'm looking to make this car maybe double its horsepower at least. I saw on another post that I should change the exhaust first as a good starting...
  2. 4 Doors = More Whores!

    Lol, yep, you read it right... 4 Doors = More Whores.... So being as though i still havent gotten my Ek hatch done... and i bought 2 del sol's... i kinda screwed myself. I had a newborn w/ no way to take him anywhere still... Soooo..... I traded my DD del sol for an EK 4 door... Kept my...