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  1. Engine Management
    i have a d16y8 and i was wondering if i run the stock obd2 computer that comes w/ that car how bad is it that im running 550cc (that arnt working properly) even tho the stock computer calls for 240cc. just to let you guys know my car wont start when i had my p28 w/chrome on it tuned to 550cc. i...
  2. Engine Building
    FJ Distributors FJ Distributors FJ Distributors HI Dseries guys! I drive a 98 ex and after long discussions and many unfruitful decisions I have "decided" on building a turbo dseries to save the hassle of a Bseries swap. I am going to be buying a second d16y8 to fuck with so I can still get to...
1-2 of 2 Results