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300 whp

  1. Boosted 304+whp D15B2 90 Civic CX hb fun! (now w/ dyno graphs!)

    So in my last project with this chassis i was recently farting around with NA and the SOHC to see if i could get 13's... I got close but 14.0 was my best! Check it out here... (edit; finally ran a 13.9... lol!!) Long story...
  2. My Slow Progess to a 300+ HP D15B7

    I guess it is about time I start a build thread. I am on a very very slow and financially challenged path to 300+ HP D15B7. Here is where I am at now. I bought this 92 Civic DX hatch straight out of a police impound auction. After a crash course in auction bidding I finally won her for...