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  1. General Tech
    ok, so i've checked everything and rechecked, and i cannot find the issue causing my car to throw the IACV and Knock Sensor code, as well as falling into limp mode. i've taken my ecu apart, P2J-003, and decided i need to find some damage. i traced the IACV clip on plug A to RM1 on the ecu. is...
  2. Naturally Aspirated
    Sorry to repeat a beat to death subject, but I am a noob to swaps and I just want to make sure I can have this done with little problems. Background: I just blew my d16y7 in my '99 sedan. So, I want to upgrade to the Vi's d15b 3-stage vtec engine since I can get one with low mileage and it...
  3. Engine Management
    hey guys i have a 92 hb with a jdm d15b with a P08 ecu and i was wondering if my car had 3 stage vtec?? and how to know if its working ??? thank you for your time
1-3 of 3 Results