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3 stage

  1. jdm D15b problem

    General Tech
    my boy recently did a jdm d15b dual stage vtec obd2 swap in his ek hatch its starts up and idles normal but when he drives it sometimes the ignition sputters at around 2k-2.5k rpm once you get past 2.5k rpm it stop sputtering. it also doesn't rev past 4k rpm either what can the problem be? hes...
  2. 3 Stage D15b Wire harness

    Engine Management
    Here's some pics of jdm parts and pinouts. Lets not get into discusions in here just all the pictures, videos, pin locations and info as possible. Lets write the damn book on these lol.!!! within the next few months i will be aquiring a d15b with full wire harness and ecu. The whole wire...
  3. What the hell is this and how will I manage it?!

    Engine Building
    OK, so I bought a motor off this one guy online it was said to be a D15B and instead I got this: I thought it was a 3 stage VTEC until I removed the valve cover and said, awww crap, what is going on here (NOT A 3 STAGE, you can tell by looking at the rocker arms). Pics follow; please help me...
  4. Eg hatch with 3 stage vtec?

    Naturally Aspirated
    I really want to make a mpg daily driver. I was thinking an eg hatch with a d15b 3 stage with a cx/hx tranny in it. Was the d15b 3 stage ever paired with a manual transmission? What all would be necessary for the swap? I want to take advantage of the lean burn and vtec stages. This engine has...