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  1. General Tech
    ok I have had a very long drawn out thread over here: it has fixed several problems but none fixed the real problem at hand. so here is a thread dedicated to that. build specs are lengthy but...
  2. Engine Building
    i had the cam in the engine for a while, about 200 miles. had some non-related engine issues and decided to put the stock cam back in to break-in new rings. well i got to looking at the delta cam and noticed something odd. each vtec lobe is like that, a hard transition on the closing side...
  3. Product Reviews
    So living in Washington, I personally walked into Delta Cam and hand delivered my cam and told them I wanted the 272-2 cam. Cam was in great condition clean in a towel in oil. Dropped it off Tuesday. Said it would be done "Thursday Friday-ish" Next Wednesday I Called and said "Hey Just...
1-3 of 3 Results