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  1. Whats up, new into the D-series engines... What can i get myself into?

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    What up guys and gals, so I just recently got a 1998 Civic LX d16y7 fullly stock motor, (possible burning oil, or leaking onto hot exhaust...) i upgraded my Intake to a Short Ram intake and I installed an ebay DNA Motoring 4-2-1 Header exhaust system, with test pipe, which id like to replace...
  2. Best Exhaust for D16Y7 Auto

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    Hey guys quick question, I was planning on changing exhaust pipe with some honda oem pipe from ebay and attach a 2.5 Vibrant Muffler on to that. My pipe is rusted and the muffler at the moment is killing me with its rattle , and I've recently "tuned" my car up so on to the list of my final...
  3. Whitish smoke only after engine warms

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    Hey everyone, new here, I love hondas like the rest of you. So I just got a 98 Civic EX, my first 5 speed after owning a 99 civic lx for a half dozen years, I noticed the last few days, when I first start it up the idle was sitting at 1500 (i have since cleaned throttle body and adjusted idle...
  4. d16y7 swap options

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    alright well i'm a noob but not a none useful type of noob i have a a 98 dx civic with a d16y7 engine in it i wanted to know of any engine swaps that would be for the most part drop in and go that would give me at least a lil hp gain. i was looking into a d16y9 engine but i know i have to get...