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  1. Just bought a Civic with a DOHC ZC

    I just recently purchased a 97' Honda Civic Ex with a D16A DOHC ZC, The car needs a new clutch but I can't seem to identify the amount of splines it has, and I do not want to have to remove the gearbox just to identify the clutch, I want to change the clutch the same day I remove the box to save...
  2. D16Y8 Engine Build Up

    Engine Building
    I have a 1997 Civic Ex with the D16y8. Right now all I have is headers, exhaust, custom long air intake. I am wanting to start building the engine up to get it ready for a turbo. I was wondering if anyone knew where i could get the best parts, rods, pistons, seals, gaskets, ect. And if anyone...
  3. $3k turbo build?

    Forced Induction
    Hey i want a decent reliable turbo setup looking to spend around $3000 i'd like to do pistons rods and cam also would this be possible in that price range? I live in a very rural area noone around that knows anything about hondas that means no parts around either so i'm depending on you guys for...