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  1. 1995 Civic D15B Turbo

    Well, never posted my car online so hoping for some supportive comments, but constructive criticism is nice too. Exterior: New pearl purple paintjob Xenon Body kit 17" Eagle alloys Carbon creations hood One piece sonar headlights JDM black taillights JDM Side markers Suspension: Skunk2 Racing...
  2. 95 civic dx hb

    General Tech
    i bought a 95 civic dx a few months ago and it was idling between 1200 and 1500 rpm its a salvage and the whole front end looked to be gutted. lately ive been doing research the motor is supposed to be a b15d7 right? but the head reads pm3-11 the dang things pretty fast but loses power at low...
  3. D16 Build. Newish to cars.

    Engine Building
    I am looking at rebuilding my D16z6 engine, out of a '95 civic ex, and had a few questions. Also, I'm looking to turbo it and im a delivery driver, so this is a daily driver too. -What is a good bore size? i've read that alot of people do 75mm, would this be the best? -What are good pistons and...
  4. New 95 si eg owner! lend me your thoughts!

    New Member Introductions
    Hey whats up guys (and girls) I just got my 95 si eg and it needs a little tlc but what im really looking for is imput on whether or not to go all motor or turbo. either way my piggy bank is a trickle fund so prob not more than two to four hundred in parts a month at max till its finished. lets...