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  1. Cole's 94 2dr Z6

    Got this off Craigslist for $335 + my friend towed it to my home 25 miles round trip for $45. Starts and runs. rev'd it a bit, haven't heard any knocking... so far The owner drifted over a curb on wet pavement (she said) Auto Trans :/ (I have a spare Z6 5 speed...) Everything is OEM...
  2. D15b2 info questions

    General Tech
    Didn't quite know where else to put this; I'm gonna have to dissamble my '94 EJ2 cyl head, due to change of bad valve seals (exhaust/intake). I have absolutely zero experience with honda engines as I've recently changed over from BMW. So, I'm planning on replacing all possible parts that will...
  3. D16a transmission compatability

    Transmission alley
    Okay guys, i been looking for a while. I have a Civic 1994 Ex with a Jdm D16A Vtec engine. The engine took me about half a days research to find out that it really is from japan. Now the problem that I have is that I want to make my car stick shift. its an automatic. I been looking around and...
  4. Exhaust Help!!

    New Member Introductions
    got this 1994 Honda Del Sol S with the D16Y8... my question is when i get a new exhaust should i just get a catback and leave stock cat or should i just go ahead and get a full exhaust from headers back and get a new cat?.... will a new cat make any difference?