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  1. 1993 Honda Civic Exhaust Set Up

    Hey everyone here is my 1993 Honda Civic that I’m starting to build . I will post updates as I go but if you want you can watch my vid and many more to come. Thanks everyone this is my first Honda so bare with me .
  2. D15B7 Turbo??

    Forced Induction
    I'm about to put a turbo on my D15B7 the motors mainly stock so I don't want to risk running to much boost, so I was going to stay in the ball park of about 5-8 psi. Does anybody know a pretty good estimate of how much power I'll probably gain out of that much boost???
  3. needing noob advice

    New Member Introductions
    ok so i bought my first honda a year ago. a 93 civic lx, d15b7. put some rims on it 15s now. a header and short ram ai. well heres the deal, nobody around here even messes with lxs. so i want to build a one of a kind civic all me and totally different from the rest in okc. i dont wanna go with...