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  1. Is it easy to put an Si (D16A?) engine into a non-Si?

    General Tech
    My brother has a manual '89 Civic Si with the 1.6 L engine. I think that's a D16A engine from my research. The problem is his car has a few really nasty problems including rust. He's found an '91 Civic with an automatic tranny for a good price, the car is great except the engine isn't working...
  2. Just bought a civic and found out I can't lock the car!

    General Tech
    Hello! I don't post here often because I usually don't have problems with my Honda and I am too broke to put money into it. But now I have purchased a new (to me anyways) 1991 Honda Civic Hatchback. The car shifts great, runs great, minimal rust and I got it for a very cheap price from a guy I...
  3. Increase rev limit on d15b1 non vtec

    Engine Management
    Hi I own a '91 honda crx dual carb, sadly it is non vtec but I was wondering if there was any way to increase the rev band in each gear. At the moment im forced to shift at around 4500 at i dont want to damage the engine either..I knw i cnt expect much frm a non vtec but until i get a...
  4. Really High Idle after Head Gasket replaced

    Engine Management
    I changed my head gasket on my stock 1991 D16a6, there are no after market parts or chips done to my car. Before I changed out my head gasket the car idled and ran just fine with the exception of a blown head gasket. After completely replacing the head gasket and putting the whole engine back...