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  1. Re programming after manifold swap?

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    Sorry to hear that. What’s your plan now ?
  2. D16Z6 Turbo Building..... and going all out... 1st time you've heard of one of these

    Love your build. I’ll be doing the same thing shortly..
  3. D16 Rods

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    Where did you have them done? Does anyone have experience with the Ebay rods? How are they compared to Eagle? Here is another question, how are the bearing clearances with these? I guess Ill just ignore the d-bags. Every forum has them.
  4. D16 Rods

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    Who did your rods? Im assuming you did not include the actual costs of the bushings? -AllMotorDPower - Go play somewhere else. -99EJ6T - I am no where near lazy. I do all work myself. I run a shop on the side of my regular job.
  5. D16 Rods

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    If you're not trying to help, then why post? Ethug your way out of here. As one of the previous posts asked, has anyone had experience with the eBay no brand h beams?
  6. D16 Rods

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    clever, but you are the exact reason why this will be my last honda. People seem to be becoming dicks. Ive done some searching, the only answers that are out there are from a bunch of kids with no real facts to support their BS. Thanks, go raise your post count somewhere else
  7. Head studs question

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    Ive had a guy in my shop that was using stock headbolts (d16z6) slightly over torqued and lifted his head at 7psi. Switched to ARP, torqued to 80lb/sq in and no issues at 10 psi. Stock everything else. Did not try to boost more but you get the point. Make sure you are not using an ebay headgasket
  8. D16 Rods

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    Hey I am new here on but Ive been around on HT for a while under akandok. Long story short looking for some D16 rods that can handle 300whp. Not looking for more at this time. What are some cost effective options? I cant even look at classifieds yet :wacko:
1-8 of 8 Results