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  1. CRX with 3v at lighter/radio...?

    Resistance between the fuse and the stereo/clock lighter wire seemed pretty much infinite, so I assume the wire must have burned through or something. No clue how/why it was coming up with 3v. I just connected the stereo unkeyed power to the fused wire coming directly from my battery to my...
  2. CRX with 3v at lighter/radio...?

    I have an 89 CRX HF, mostly stock with pretty virgin wiring. A while back I had a phone charger short out internally and popped the fuse for the radio/lighter/clock. I replaced the fuse but nothing came back on. Started looking into it today and turns out the radio and lighter are both getting a...
  3. Good current suspension recomendation for DD CRX?

    Suspension Corner
    I ordered a set of the Koni oranges for an 89-91 CRX for $266 shipped. I have some springs laying around: the stock HF springs, the springs from the blown K Sport coilovers, and a set of cheap generic civic ebay springs and adjustable perches. I think I will try the stock HF front springs on the...
  4. Good current suspension recomendation for DD CRX?

    Suspension Corner
    Hey guys, it has been a while. I finally got a bit of cash and first thing on my list is getting my suspension sorted out. Currently I have a set of completely blown cheap coilovers that came with my 89 CRX HF car. Not doing anything to crazy, want something reliable and going for stock height...
  5. Raising the soundstage, cheap, clean, easy.

    After watching some youtube videos, I got a couple Dayton audio transducers/exciters, which are basically a speaker without a cone, and stuck them to the back side of my headliner in my CRX. I am quite impressed with them, and they are definately the best bang for the buck audio upgrade I have...
  6. Need held finding wherd this plug is sipposed to go

    On an EF that plug is the turn signal light.
  7. Is it safe to assume this is making ~60hp

    General Tech
    B16 wasnt ever stock in any american CRXs, and as far as I know, wasnt stock in any CRX anywhere else in the world until 90, so read your rules carefully. Stock engines for an american 88 CRX were the 62hp D15B6, the 92hp D15B2, or the 105hp D15A6. Again, check your rules carefully to see if...
  8. Passenger axle on crx broke

    Transmission alley
    Because you have an open dif, and that is how they function.
  9. What u drove before ur civic

    -Learned to drive on an 86 4 cylinder 5 speed aerostar that was missing the front swaybar and had a broken engine mount. My dailies: -79 or 80 mustang with a 200 straight 6 - had sat for 12 years when I bought it for $250 in 1996 because they thought it had a blown engine, turned out to be the...
  10. Throttle Position Sensor

    Nope, tps should have 3 wires.
  11. 1990 civic DX sedan radio wiring issue

    This was all you needed btw: Less than $5
  12. Is it safe to assume this is making ~60hp

    General Tech
    Any stock honda/acura engine is allowed as long as it is not modified? Or do you need an engine that was a stock option for that car?
  13. 1990 civic DX sedan radio wiring issue

    Ive probably owned 10-15 hondas, and not one of them still had the OEM stereo plug, clowns like you are the reason why. As a side note, do second gens have a dimmer wire for the radio? Dont remember ever seeing that, although I have always delt with butchered harnesses.
  14. No starter signal if car is off about 30 mins.

    Not yet, switched jobs last week and also been trying to get my audio worked out and stock looking to avoid any more broken windows. Hopefully I will have more time to work on it soon.
  15. No starter signal if car is off about 30 mins.

    Thanks guys, I now just gotta get off my butt and go test some stuff.
  16. Need some help with my options!

    Engine Building
    Keep in mind 350-400HP is a LOT in a FWD civic of this age, you will have pretty serious traction issues on street tires. 250HP in the same car with the same good street tires will be just as fast the vast majority of the time, probably spool faster, and be much cheaper to build. Here is my...
  17. No starter signal if car is off about 30 mins.

    89 CRX HF, very stock wiring, stock drivetrain. Having an issue where the starter is not getting 12v signal wire after the car has been off about 30 mins-2 hours. Rest of the electronics work fine, just not the starter signal wire. Never fails to start with the key in the morning before work...
  18. Fixed a vac leak, now car dies approaching stops

    General Tech
    Ok stop. First off your IACV sounds fine. Idling high after a cold startup is how cars are supposed to function. Second your throttlebody has an idle screw, which is basically a controlled vaccuum leak, you dont have to gerry rig the throttle, dong that is messing up everything else. Turn off...
  19. Extra D16A6 Si Trans - Junk or disassemble for parts?

    Transmission alley
    Pop it open and look at the magnet first, that should give you a very rough idea of how beat it is.
  20. Talking New struts: 1987 Honda CRX HF

    Suspension Corner
    Years ago I had an 86 si that I got for $150 bucks because it had a bad head rebuild. I put on a B2 head, mpfi dizzy, mpfi intake, a modified idler pulley, an obd0 pr4 running turbo edit, and a saab t3 turbo and intercooler. Thing accelerated great, FAR better straight line traction than my 88...
1-20 of 187 Results