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  1. Word Association

    Party and Bullsh*t
  2. D16Y7 Z6 minime build

    Builds looking good but whats with the purple rad hose? curious about iacv but why? most people have no clue but what is conflicting about it? are you looking for a howto? it can't be done!but don't be mad ... :)
  3. D14 block y8 head basemap

    Engine Management
    your probably not going to get a response from anyone with your combo .. what tuning software do you have available ?
  4. Word Association

    Party and Bullsh*t
  5. D16Z6 with Y7 harness ( Damn the Smog man )

    General Tech
    he choo choo... anyway , so if obd2 you got the man is still gonna know its a z6 . putting an older engine in a newer chassis is illegal . use whatever year you have obd2 to obd1 jumper harness and change ecus when the man come round..
  6. Word Association

    Party and Bullsh*t
  7. say Hello to MR Burns

    so yeah :) drive r side engine mount broke free ,even tore the rubber stud out .rewelded to solid ,50/50 guarantee, want to hack it to be like the 5th gen mount..maybe over the deep freeze. transmission started leaking like a 3 dollar whore when you giver 5.. a brave old s20 is in there now...
  8. Bad engine vibration around 3k rpm

    General Tech
    put the stock pulley on if it isn't. engine mounts?
  9. Starting crome tune: Y7 running p06 neptune map, too much advance?

    Engine Management
    having fun? start with a z6 base map turn off vtec -10 to 12 * from map smooth it to 12* idle. make sure you know what injectors are in there. sync timing with crome might have to grind dizzy slots.
  10. D15B2 swaped to D15B with Y7

    Engine Management
    probably gave up sept6 2018 and scarped it.
  11. D16Z6 Turbo Building..... and going all out... 1st time you've heard of one of these

    don't tee off the fpr use the bigger one for wg if need cuz you won't be connectioning pcv. and tee off the little one at the back for bov gauge if need.
  12. 272-2 cam install

    Engine Building
    ohoh fckn ten minutes till Wapner will most likely be fine if installed "straight up" ..unless delta says otherwise.. adjustable cam gear ?
  13. We Are Live - Community Feedback

    Community Help
    so the side bar over here>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> pretty fucking annoying can't see the good shit anymore...whats with that?
  14. OBD1 y7 breaking up upon load

    General Tech
    did you aim a timing light at any time on this ? what injectors ? base maps are "stupid" gotta tweak that shit when there is unbeknowingsteses .. Gather some real data about specifics and rebound form there...
  15. D16Z6 into a 98 Civic DX

    General Tech
    run your shat with the 98 engine harness ,add vtec wires to obd2a harness from your car if your spare y8 harness is not 96-98 rewire dizzy obd2a to obd1 adapter. p28 ecu
  16. Idle problem

    Naturally Aspirated
    makes it out to be a long in depth journey .. if all the cels are clear and you read up on how to set the idle it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to see if it helps or hinders your situation.. what does it matter if you only have an in car tach ,
  17. Jumper

    General Tech
  18. Jumper

    General Tech
    if you want it bad enough.. but what if.. obd2b harness and ecu.. would be like 30 minutes of work with no thinking required .. do you have the dizzy and harness that came with your car?
1-20 of 197 Results