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  1. D15B2 swaped to D15B with Y7

    Engine Management
    Thats the 8v head motor, right? get a map for an obd1 16v head. Might not be ideal but my p06 neptune map started my y7. You get it going?
  2. Starting crome tune: Y7 running p06 neptune map, too much advance?

    Engine Management
    So we swapped to a y7 and it wouldnt start on a xenocron bin repository y7 on 240s map so we plugged in the neptuned map we had on the d15b and it runs... but super doughy. How do i go about massaging a fresh crome map into something the fast burn y7 head will be happy with? I have afr and...
  3. D14A4 or D14Z1 on weber carb

    Naturally Aspirated
    What kind of rpm are being turned in the class? Can you post a link to or post screenshots of the class build guidelines? We had a car running carbs years and years ago its a pretty easy setup. One dude here ran seriously quick and his build will entertain and enlighten as im pretty sure he...
  4. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    So the mint a6 needs a rebuild... i have a cable si tranny for sale cheap if anyones intetested. The motor was less than mint so no promises and the price reflects that. Old standby motors head came off and lo and behold factory crosshatches no scoring and little thrust wear. Tore it down to...
  5. PolyQuad Head

    Engine Building
    My 2 cents is that the early heads utilized a tumble rather than a swirl and that later y7 and y8 heads that utilize swirl theory and quench pads will see benefit from this that exceeds doing it on a tumble type head. The intakes differ on the swirl vs tumble heads because promoting velocity is...
  6. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    I found a pristine 60k mile a6 w oil analysis to back up zero coolant contamination....from 2015 when it was pulled from a wreck. They seem like super solid motors its 650 w a good cable si tranny. They have been asking 850 insisting its mint for 3 years. Seem like a good bet? Finances are...
  7. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    Ok, thats a valid point. Id love to run compression like that given each psi would add more power than at 7.5:1 for obvious reasons. Heres the deal though. I have enough budget for a bore and fresh build, and either a good oil pump from endyne or sf no notch rods and pistons. Being its a y7...
  8. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    After seeing the parts side by side its getting built up w vitaras
  9. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    Because my goals are modest enough that i believe stock parts with a good supply of clean 190 degree oil set up with tolerances to help it live under persistent low key boost will provide a long life and meet my goals. If i did a vitara build yall would laugh at my 155-190 hp dyno runs anyway...
  10. Slow budget build begins

    Sorry, "backing" it?
  11. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    My rebuild budget just crept towards a vitara build but i think ill spend extra money on oem parts and an endyne oil pump like you have instead and come in under budget. Sad fact is, I have more projects than money and garage space. If i hit 160+ and its still a good car to drive around mileage...
  12. Building a Honda Challenge D series?

    Engine Building
    Ill be honest, a d15 w its rev potential, open head porting and 12.7:1? I tell you thats what id be doing, a d15 that would rev out to like 9k even w the 100 hp (edit :lbs) penalty. Ppl rev em like that making no power to avoid a gear change now and again and they hold it fine. Piston speed is...
  13. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    Man i just am not finding too many stock piston and rod builds for boost most ppl just send it w 180k or go vitara. If the hot number stays 30 im gonna run closer to the middle low end of the established specs and not push it. Ill be happy w more like 180 hp instead of shooting for 195 or 200...
  14. Clearances for rebuild, small turbo <200 hp, thicker oil

    Engine Building
    As stated, do i need to spec bottom end clearances at the loose end of the service limit or beyond to start off with a thicker oil and not spin bearings? Looking to run thicker oil because im gonna be at full boost really quick with a td04 13c and low rpm power is harder on oil film. Will...
  15. ECU tuning questions

    Forced Induction
    Moates stuff ships worldwide, and has been the leader in low cost, diy tuning for like 20+ years. I bought my first moates products way back when i was your age to tune a motor swapped obd1 camaro and still use my original ostrich to this day. But now I'm on my own, as shops here dont play...
  16. built d16z6 head

    Want to Buy
    Fwiw i paid less than 150 for new guides and seals installed locally, they pressure tested it for free. Just a napa machine shop and the guy I sold it to 3 years ago still runs it so it was competently done. Seals and guides are routine enough any shop you trust for anything should be fine...
  17. ECU tuning questions

    Forced Induction
    If you want a cheap easy upgrade to that ecu purchase a low profile ZIF (zero insertion force) socket to push into where the chip goes, makes installation of chips or your emulator cable safer and easy as pie. Mine was 3 bucks and change. It replaces the pinholes where the legs of the chip go...
  18. ECU tuning questions

    Forced Induction
    Check out the additional things you will need at they have great service and there are tutorials outlining your different options from basic to (reasonably priced) realtime tuning solutions.
  19. Need help from cold climate people

    General Tech
    Id guess it was the lines that froze though, glad its fixed
  20. Started car after 2 months, now it smokes white

    Naturally Aspirated 16th post down has a very detailed analysis and explanation of the water wetter formula. Short answer, it should actually add a degree or 2 of freezing protection. I realize i forgot to include intially that the oil...
1-20 of 177 Results