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  1. 1991 Honda Crx Build

    General Tech
    Does anyone know what fuel injection intake says P2J HF-4 7212?? need to figure out how to get this wired up need car running soon its originally a d15b2 im putting a z6 head on with the new fuel injection and plans of boost
  2. 1991 Honda Crx Build

    Engine Building
    also i think the 2 layer d16y8 gasket is 0.025 in
  3. 1991 Honda Crx Build

    Engine Building
    walbro 255? and i will have a p28 i also have a vtec controller but people say it isnt worth using and yes i will be getting the arp studs
  4. 1991 Honda Crx Build

    Engine Building
    i have a 1991 crx it has a 100% bone stock D15B2 with a five speed. I have been wanting a mini me swap for awhile and i just got a z6 head because i got it cheap from my brother i also have a small turbo on a y8 manifold i have a few questions im hoping this site can help with. Can i use the...
1-4 of 4 Results