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  1. D16y8 no start

    General Tech
    PLEASE HELP ! I have a boosted d16y8 on p28 s300 ecu . Couple weeks ago I snapped timing belt . Took head off rebuilt it , replaced timing belt , head gasket , and crank position sensor . Put everything together , went to start and no power .... at all . No dash lights , no starter click , no...
  2. Dead d16y8

    General Tech
    So I have a built/boosted d16y8 with a hondata s300 p28 ecu tuned by Kenny sampson. driving to work this morning after replacing a torched alternator (completely seized on the way home) and a few minutes into the drive battery light was dim (not bright light when the o/g alternator blew up)then...
  3. D16y8 build

    Engine Building
    Hey guys , New to the game here . I’ve been rebuilding my d16y8 over the last week and have a few questions regarding break in and tuning . I’ve been building with boosting in mind and I want to make sure everything will be smooth and reliable in the end . My build list is as follows: Full...
1-3 of 3 Results