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  1. We Are Moving!!

    Community Help
    why whats wronge with this one
  2. WTF are all of you still doing here?

    Party and Bullsh*t
    is it me or things are getting slower and slower over here. while i recently joined and started posting after my project. i have been a silent reader for some time .... we should do save a honda project.
  3. Full Throttle/Acceleration Issues

    General Tech
    fuel pressure?! could be a bad FPR
  4. Is dyno tune a must for a hondata boosted d

    Forced Induction
  5. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    Update: This project is alive and well BUTT after some testing and R&D (tring to sound fancy) my original plan to build a fire breathing road d16 civic is not gonna work . SO its a fire breathing D16 drag car :clap:. other things worth mentioning : the clutch will go as you will find your self...
  6. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    so you signed up just for the screws man :3dbiggrin: its not a weird ecu issue as in i keep getting weird non standard models
  7. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    but the`lady likes the light off or at least dimmed x) thanks a lot those ideas are really helping me ,any idea on a good set of injectors am removing the o2 sensor and will be using 4 egt sensors by megaquirt i mean i will be using a megasquirt still using shitty oem ecu .... talked to...
  8. Good tire for hx 14s

    Wheels and Tire zone
    the best tires i ever had was yokohama DB they stick like super glue , the lack of noise r was just an extra for me
  9. car running lean

    Engine Management
    yes i also suspect that since its the only new item on the car since i had to cut the old manifold for the supercharger hahaha married with kids and car addicted and rich your dreams . only have access to launch scanner . Anyway today went old school and just used a vacuum tester...
  10. car running lean

    Engine Management
    the car doesn't come with o2 sensor from , this data was pulled by the ecu using a 3 to obd2 adapter and lanuch crp pro shop scanner my o2 sensor is ebay gauge today 1\4 tank for a 30 mile trip....... :frown: lets forget the o2 sensor all together, the car just run like crap air...
  11. car running lean

    Engine Management
    actually the car was running rich because of a bad ect sensor pigtail changed the pigtail after removing the SC now it says its lean i know these gauges are not the best out there but the car lost alot of its power {i mean compared before the SC} i dont think its a sc related damage as it...
  12. car running lean

    Engine Management
    any help would be appreciated after i did some supercharger work in the car , it started running lean now the car is back to stock so i can try to find the problem everything is as per my knowledge fixed correctly except the manifold was fixed without a gasket but with rtv silicone and its a y8...
  13. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    mega squirt
  14. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    As for my fuel issue , With the SC car was running rich 10:1 tried lowering fuel pressure didnt help much and the sparked plugged got fooled within a day . it seemed it was a broken ect pigtail which i couldn't access with out removing the sc now the car lean only under acceleration , fuel...
  15. Water Pump and BarnFind

    General Tech
    well the still make the best coolant out there. there stuff for the charger 300c etc 2006-... is the best out there
  16. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    ah ok ..... well it was the only place to store without losing them.... is it worth it BTW any info ? i looked around its Newzeland spec thats what i could find
  17. WTF are all of you still doing here?

    Party and Bullsh*t
    well am the new guy here ,but yes i think it will be mostly civics JUST because its was a more common car ,And sadly enough most integras and ludes ,del sols were abused to the point of no return back. also forums are for old timers i don't think anyone here is less than 25 years old. younger...
  18. MFactory RT4WD helical LSD

    Transmission alley
    nice products you have ,do you do international shipping
  19. Water Pump and BarnFind

    General Tech
    the problem is that you dont have a pump, not trying to be funny but i think ur motor needs to be rebuild if its even possible because if your pump looks like this... your water jackets wont be much better
  20. civic twin charge

    Forced Induction
    what about the screws :yes:
1-20 of 51 Results