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  1. Automobile Council. Classic Meets Modern

    In USD, the Cosmo Sport would be around 250 thousands, and the 2000GT around a million. Maybe it's cheaper now, with the yen dropping.
  2. Girls Having Fun With Cars And Motorbikes

    On the second Saturday of each month, the event “Relaxed Meeting for Tongari Girls (Outstanding girls)” takes place. This pictures were taken during summer on the parking lot on the top of Yellow Hat Shin-Yamashita Store... on June it was hot, on July rainy, and on August scorching hot! The...
  3. What's with the 3 pieces wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Ah, this makes a lot sense!
  4. What's with the 3 pieces wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Do you mean the whole R-34? Skyline? If it's a good GT-R, somewhere around 4 to 8 million yen (35 ~ 70 thousand USD) A normal version Skyline can be found for half or even one third of that.
  5. Automobile Council. Classic Meets Modern

    This August, 9 makers (not only JDM) decided to open an exhibition for more than 100 cars. It really went from the old classics to the newest models, just look at the picture below, you can see side by side, a Honda S600 (red) just next to the S660 (white). Just by looking at them, you would say...
  6. The Intensity Of D1GP - Professional Drifting

    Have you heard before about D1 Grand Prix in Japan? As you could have guessed easily, it is a racing event for professional drifters (yes, you can actually make legal money out of it.) For those who know about it, names like Daigo Saito and Yuki Matsui might sound familiar. By the way...
  7. Auto Jamboree

    Auto Jamboree took place on July 23rd, at Saitama Institute of Automotive Technology; it seems they have this event every year. From all the vehicles, I would like to introduce the classic ones I was able to spot. At the entrance I was welcomed by all the BRZ and AE86. Honda 145 Coupe (1974)...
  8. Students Drifting Playoff / JAPAN

    Just Racing
    During the last 15 years the Students Drifting Playoff (All Japan Drifting Students Playoff) has become the Super Bowl of drifting for students. Combining the West and East tournaments, there was a total of 200 cars, each one ranked. The best four of the West Tournament visited the East...
  9. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    Do you have a pic? I think they would love to see it (and brake some stereotypes along)
  10. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    Not from these two replies only. First by looking at the video, and them by what they see on TV (tuning shows), or when they meet other car owners and talk about their cars.
  11. Get a 10 USD discount in your auto parts! Affiliates
    Btw, you can combine purchases! If you have in mind something smaller than 250USD, you still participate! Just make sure you make it before Christmas ;)
  12. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    I was just sharing this post with some Japanese friends, and they were surprised that in the US you rather prioritize acceleration. Not that there is nobody like that over here, but in general they wouldn't mind sacrificing some speed in order to keep the balance of the engine.
  13. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    Thanks!! Nothing like visual support
  14. New vehicle purchase decision...what car would you consider?

    Serious discussion/debate
    Drove a Ford before. Not bad, but couldn't keep the speed when going uphill. I'd just go for the Mazda.
  15. There is low budget and then there is this V1.1

    Are you serious? Homemade water injection system?! Thumbs up!
  16. Tokyo Auto Salon

    Hey! Anybody coming to Tokyo Auto Salon? Croooober will have a booth along with UpGarage! We're looking forward to meet you guys! Yes, we do speak English (and if not, we will find somebody that does, just for you). If you're coming, have any question, first time in Japan, or just curious...
  17. What's with the 3 pieces wheels?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Ok, here in Japan, at least in my experience, nobody really cares whether a wheel is 1, 2 or 3 pieced. But people in the US seemed to be all for the 3 pieced wheels? Can somebody explain it to me? I am missing out any American top secret?
  18. Ferrari Finali Mondiali 12/3/16

    Love at first sight!
  19. How Switch To Fuel Injection

    Engine Management
    While this is a short review for a Hakosuka (Nissan, not Honda), it might help somebody who is starting from zero: Vehicle Nissan Skyline GT-R Hakosuka 1972 This is the kind of car that requires the motivation to be turning switches on and off depending on the season. It should be fun to watch...
  20. Get a 10 USD discount in your auto parts! Affiliates
    Croooober is offering a 10,000 yen (approx. 100 USD) discount coupon to all our international customers! All you have to do is purchase 24,990 yen or more (shipping included), and you will get a coupon valid until January 31st, 2017. You can purchase several parts, and all your purchases from...
1-20 of 20 Results