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  1. Jrsc type and car it fits??

    Forced Induction
    The offset is going to be the difference between the height in pulleys. IIRC this is no more than 5mm.
  2. Jrsc type and car it fits??

    Forced Induction
    Glad to see people still posting about these damn kits on the forum.
  3. D series owner from Portual (new in forum life)

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome. I think you will find the forum isn't what it once was; but it is a wealth of searchable information. There are a few that stick around as well :)
  4. Concerto RT4WD build

    This translates to about 170whp and 250 ft/lbs? Hot damn!
  5. cam upgrade

    New Member Introductions
    In case you didn't pick up on it -- psi is only half the equation. And 't3/t4' is not a turbo size, it's a flange design..
  6. response

    New Member Introductions
    Ok, you need to understand that we are far out of dSo's hay-day. These are 25 year old motors we're working on, few members check the forum frequently, and those that do aren't typically going to respond to a thread with such ambiguity. I read your thread and I don't understand what you're...
  7. D16Y8 JRSC question

    Forced Induction
    More parts to index and document . * excellent *
  8. D16Y8 JRSC question

    Forced Induction
    My manifold has 3 mounting points iirc. not two. Interesting....
  9. D16Y8 JRSC question

    Forced Induction
    Can we please just rename to "old guys who ask questions about jackson racing kits"
  10. What do you guys think of my clearances for a 400-480whp vitara build

    Engine Building
    What's with all of the Vitara hating, I thought the dSo consensus was these things are god's gift to the single jingle?
  11. Jackson Racing Supercharger Pulleys

    For Sale
    Two types: 3 rib and 4 rib. I have both available :)
  12. Jackson Racing Supercharger Pulleys

    For Sale
    Hey guys, I do about one run of these every year or so. I only have 10. When they're gone, they're gone. Discounted rate of $125.99 for dso members. Anodizing is available for an additional $30 for black or purple. $40 for other colors. Your choice of 3.0" or 3.2" in 3 or 4 rib configuration...
  13. JRSC Y8 Crank pulley vs stock

    Forced Induction
    lol Join the club :) 90% of the kits are broken, beat to shit, overpriced, and/or missing pieces. My goal in this project was to make the missing-pieces kits viable. The idea is, if you can find a decently priced good-condition blower, you can buy the pieces you need.
  14. Any last requests?

    Party and Bullsh*t
    Wait. what. you're quitting d-series? Staying in the business I hope? Oh, and accept me on fucking facebook already.
  15. JRSC Y8 Crank pulley vs stock

    Forced Induction
    FYI -- I am having another run of these parts done. They tend to sell out quick. I can't afford to do a higher quantity and the time between runs due to machine shop availability is 6-8 months+. Let me know if you have anything specifically I can check on before I receive the new shipment.
  16. JRSC Y8 Crank pulley vs stock

    Forced Induction
    Sorry, it's been a bit. refresh me on the CAD design bit? The 3 rib setup should work on any motor that can accept a Y8 crank pulley. I believe this includes the Y7 and Z6.
  17. JRSC Y8 Crank pulley vs stock

    Forced Induction
    Do you know what the part number for bearings WITH the built-in spacer is?
  18. I did my own Independent Flat Earth Test

    Party and Bullsh*t
    To be fair. This is far more work than most people put into something before asking a car troubleshooting question here. :yes:
  19. WMHM / Honda Meet 17 Roll Call - South Haven, MI

    Fuck to the no. Airplanes n shit. :)
1-20 of 184 Results