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  1. swapping trans from a ep automatic and a coupe d17a1

    7th Gen
    so you have an EP chassis that is currently an automatic d17, and you want to convert to a manual transmission? First step would be to decide if you are okay with a check engine light, or if you can deal with the hassle of leaving the car at a honda dealership to deal with programming the...
  2. D15B2 swaped to D15B with Y7

    Engine Management
    First of all, check the basics. things such as all electrical connectors like injectors and distributor plug, any ground wires, etc.... MANY of these no starts are simple in nature. Your distributor is fine to use on the Y7 head. Timing is the same. You can try loosening the distributor...
  3. Prothane upper driverside mount insert install

    General Tech
    grab a hacksaw, unhook blade, push into mount, re-hook blade to handle, saw a groove across sleeve. Do 2 grooves for easier removal. Props for using the search function.
  4. Need Help! Rotors rubbing on caliber

    Suspension Corner
    if washers are needed, the caliper will sit OFF center. So check for that OP! What did wilwood say? I assume you fired off an email or attempted a phone call, as no one on this forum works for wilwood....
  5. WTB: D16Z6 Exhaust Parts

    Want to Buy
    where are you located? these pop up on ebay from time to time, also, I saw several at the junkyard today. Me personally, not worth hassle grabbing from northern midwest cars, bolts turn to rust sludge and tend to break flanges upon removal.
  6. Help me find some winter tires for my 03 sonata 16"s

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Wondering if any of you guys had any experience with the following tires. Work commute covers some backroads, hilly curvy roads, and a lot of itnerstate and bridges, so a good mix of all types of winter driving is required. Previously had good experience with Firestone Winterforce 2 tires, but...
  7. OBD1 y7 breaking up upon load

    General Tech
    timing within map data in ecu
  8. How do I get rid of CEL # 22 ? (low vtec oil pressure)

    Naturally Aspirated
    Did you change the oil when you swapped the d15b into place? or did you wait? never trust a jdm motor to work properly right away, these things have been sitting around for YEARS waiting to be bought. do your basic visual inspection of the valvetrain after removing the valve cover. Make...
  9. OBD1 y7 breaking up upon load

    General Tech
    what map on the ecu are you running? since d15b7 is what used P06, I hope its not a d15 map being used to run the Y7. the ignition timing would be off, and fueling would be off as well. Injector data would be off as well. If MAmotorsports did a d16y7 basemap, they may need you to set the...
  10. Jumper

    General Tech
    99-00 civics had the secondary O2 and some other stuff in that 4th plug, and it was chassis sourced. 96-98 civics had all the plugs from the engine bay harness. considering the main relay is on the right side of the upper dash, open the door, pop that panel off, and test for votlage with key...
  11. Jumper

    General Tech
    good fucking god, I blew right over that. I'll go put my turd hat on and sit in teh corner lol BTW OP, look up how to depin the ecu harness, and just stick the obd1 ecu in directly. You will need OBD1 ecu plugs FIRST though. You will have extra wires due to the secondary O2 sensor
  12. Better shock absorbers for coil springs

    New Member Introductions
    spend 160-200 bucks on those cheap garbage china coilovers on ebay, and run on them until the racelands are rebuilt and sent out. Contact raceland, they may be willing to send you new struts themselves. Never know until you ask. I ran teh china coilovers on my 95 accord, tehy actually rode...
  13. Jumper

    General Tech
    Explain to me how he would have a problem if he got the CORRECT harness to use
  14. Jumper

    General Tech
    you need an OBD2B engine harness and a conversion harness for OBD2B to OBD1. TWO pieces of the puzzle needed. 99-00 civics had a few things moved around compared to 96-98. You can also opt to find a bare set of OBD1 ecu plugs, and repin your current harness to OBD1 so you can directly plug an...
  15. Acura Legend 5 speed, I need some help ...

    General Tech
    Now is the time to start looking at online acura and honda dealership parts and numbers, match up bearings, shafts, gears themselves, etc... It is a great way to find out things like this. Things like the synchros, if same part number, may indicate more and more simularities
  16. Random Thought Thread II

    Party and Bullsh*t
    nope, no dleete option. Another feature lacking in the update. I am quite liking the ability to easily lay out new posts and such, along with the filter options.
  17. Acura Legend 5 speed, I need some help ...

    General Tech
    Actually, I watched the baja buggy build video. seems I was incorrect in my assumption of the motor sitting like a traditional v6/v8 and having the driveshafts through the oilpan like the c30 engines. I wonder if you could utilize a NSX transmission? in the NSX, it sits jsut like FWD...
  18. Acura Legend 5 speed, I need some help ...

    General Tech
    The engine you have is the C27A1 Which transmission do you have as far as source? Do you know if it is the original 89 legend tranny? I would investigate both auto and manual versions of trannies offered in the legend, and see if any internals actually interchange, such as bearings and seals...
  19. D16 engine build?

    Engine Building
    If the rules say stock, then go stock for the chassis you are running.
  20. Idle problem

    Naturally Aspirated
    If you didnt touch the idle screw you did nothing to actually set the idle. find the free tech manual known usually as "ab0ve civic manual" where the "0" in above is a zero. There are also some online readable manuals, where someone took the time to make it a searchable and easily bookmarked setup
1-20 of 195 Results