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  1. Grand theft auto sell off...

    For Sale
    back from the dead. Getting the itch to build a new motor for my current ride(WRX), time to piece out. Sold:vented valve cover, ati damper, oil pump, tps sensor(I think?), crank, delta 272(gave the guy like 4 sets of spark plugs, 3 headgaskets, exhaust gasket, and probably some other stuff-if...
  2. boost in compression

    Engine Building
    Still think its less. More work done in the engine leaves less for the turbo. Although the higher compression engine will have more torque and accelerate faster, off boost, getting you into boost sooner, which means time wise, turbo spools faster
  3. boost in compression

    Engine Building
    Shouldn't higher compression technically hurt spool? Heat & exhaust gasses spool the turbo-with higher compression you'd have less exhaust gas, and since the mixture did more work, it's temp would be lower? My last build was 10:1, but I never got to run it. :(
  4. LSD

    Transmission alley
    X3 Mfactory Loved mine
  5. Need help p06 to p28

    Engine Management
    yes, you can add the vtec stuff to the po6 and it turns into a P28. It will work for your Z6(thats what I had)
  6. D16z6 Turbo Build

    Forced Induction
    Lyle, don't know how hard it is to get- with you being on the- upside down, side of the world, but check out TORCO ZEP. Zink additive for your oil. Might be worth checking out.
  7. installing my last head gasket before throwing in the towel

    Forced Induction
    these plugs looked "golden" too, actually, just a light brown.
  8. installing my last head gasket before throwing in the towel

    Forced Induction
    ok, "playah" Since you've been tuned by "the best on the east coast", then you fucked up, and your block/head isn't flat. That, or, you forgot to torque a few head bolts-"playah".. Wait a min-you said you were sent a tune with "4-5 degrees timing removed". are you tuned or remote tuned...
  9. water injection vs extra fuel

    Forced Induction
    Come on man, seriously, I recognize you from all your posts here, you don't remember any of mine? Yes, I have experience with water/meth/turbo/nitrous all together, tuning on a D. Like I said, I'm a fan of water/meth, if you want specific nozzle size, vs pump pressure, vs water/meth ratios...
  10. installing my last head gasket before throwing in the towel

    Forced Induction
    wait wait wait. no, he is not experiencing head lift, unless he has some stupid crazy boost. he has detonation...(by he, i mean you) get a tap, tap the holes/clean them out, then the arp studs should spin right to bottom by hand-no lube. You gotta tap them, cant just screw in. Don't listen...
  11. water injection vs extra fuel

    Forced Induction
    What are your plans/goals with the engine? I'm a big fan of water/meth injection. If you are asking if you can use water/meth injection, instead of adding extra fuel if you have a small amount of boost, then YES, theoretically you could. typically people will run AFR's at 11:1 to 10.5:1...
  12. Electronic boost controler ?

    Forced Induction
    I used Neptune with the pwm. Worked really nice. I also used a GoFastBits Gforce2 boost controller, which also worked well, and was easy to use. 6 boost settings, plus scramble boost(up or down). (I wanted closed loop boost control, which the neptune/S300 couldn't do)
  13. how to pick a turbo???

    Forced Induction
    I went with a s252, 15psi, 50shot, +300 lb/ft from 3500 to +7500 (but, I'd go smaller, with with more nitrous)
  14. New pistions

    Engine Building
    I put my pistons in your y8 and got 12.06:1, and only got yellow? lol
  15. identifying iron cast cap/journal

    Engine Building
    A6 has the steel "girdle" that holds the crank. If thats what you are talking about. that's one reason why a6's kick ass...
  16. how to pick a turbo???

    Forced Induction
    how deep are your pockets? If I had to do it all again, which I did and built another motor, but my car got stolen (actually, I'm taking a break from tearing down my ultimate torque monster motor, and piecing it out... :( since you have e85, 10:1 compression(I had 10.6:1), 30-35 lb/min...
  17. how to pick a turbo???

    Forced Induction
    matchbot works well for plotting points BorgWarner MatchBot
  18. Built D16z6 Shortblock

    Want to Buy
    you should buy my A6 setup. Same as a Z6, except the tensioner and water pump(which I have both new), and it has a steel girdle, vs a z6's aluminum one. Block, crank, all new: eagle H beams, oem bearings, oem tensioner, ported oem z6 oil pump, oem water pump. $650
  19. Anybody tried this turbo. TD04L

    Forced Induction
    you can stick a 19T wheel in one too...(six star might do it?)
  20. Anybody tried this turbo. TD04L

    Forced Induction
    13T? This is what my WRX has, the lame '08 stock turbo. Talk about insta-spool on a 2.5L, falls off as soon as it spools though.
1-20 of 477 Results