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  1. Top banner poll

    Community Help
    Here's a couple, high res in the links below the pics:
  2. 195whp D16 Badboy

    That's some insane numbers. Nice.
  3. Hx wheel setup/ skinny rears?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    What's your tyre setup / how much power you making now? Also agree with this:
  4. Hx wheel setup/ skinny rears?

    Wheels and Tire zone
    If you're streeting it, use the same size all around. You'll struggle with traction with a 205 tire but if you've got a good LSD then it wont be too ridiculous.
  5. Slight “Knocking” Sound at Idle - D15B VTEC

    General Tech
    Such a pet peeve of mine :-| I reckon you'd be able to find a replacement, also if you're going through the effort of replacing a belt it's crazy not to do the waterpump and tensioner at the same time. What's the engine code, what car year/model did it come out of? Sounds like the belt just...
  6. Slight “Knocking” Sound at Idle - D15B VTEC

    General Tech
    As a side note, there seems to be a lot of belt noise... Timing belt tensioned too tight?
  7. say Hello to MR Burns

    Oh man, that brings back memories. Someone rep this post, It's telling me i gotta spread mine around more first.
  8. RT4wd EF carrier bearings / center bearings / driveline vibration SOLVED

    General Tech
    Got your message :) If anyone needs to get in contact with questions or is after a set, best place would be to shoot me an email: [email protected]
  9. EDPO55 - ED sedan track hack

    Yeah agree those radiators are awesome. I would've gone one with mine, but i wouldn't be able to get it to fit with my header and heat exchanger setup. Thanks for the kind words, can't wait to rip in and actually do something exciting. Feels like this whole time we've just been preparing things...
  10. Intro, Just another Noob

    New Member Introductions
    Damn, that hatch looks clean. I reckon you're on the right track looking for an EK. The last of the good civics, miles safer than an ED and everything's 10 years newer
  11. D16Z5 in '99 civic

    Those connectors should all be covered in the service manuals and schematics i sent through. Except for that last one, looks aftermarket.
  12. Cluster Swap woes

    "No results"... You tested for continuity between the distributor plug and the engine harness connector near the firewall, and there was no continuity? It also routes through the dash harness connector.
  13. Intro

    New Member Introductions
    Welcome. Throw up some pics when you can.
  14. Idle issue/throttle position

    General Tech
    If you pulled the springs out from behind the TPS and the cable return spring, they can be difficult to clock in order to get the correct amount of return pressure. Not enough and the throttle plate will 'hang' open, and if you've clocked it too far the throttle plate can jam closed in the...
  15. Re programming after manifold swap?

    Forced Induction
  16. D16a6 engine build need help

    Engine Building
    Looking good. Find a new starter?
  17. Intro

    New Member Introductions
    Wish i got that kind of welcome.
  18. EDPO55 - ED sedan track hack

    Picked up these this arvo, keep to see what they feel like compared to my Tiens. Might have to do a back to back track day with them and see how they both perform.
  19. D16A9 / ZC N/A Race Engine advice

    Awesome. Would love to see some updates down the track.
  20. 2000 Honda Insight d series swap. 1.7 stroker, d15b head

    Those are good numbers!
1-20 of 195 Results