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  1. D series .org Thank you

    Serious discussion/debate
    Hwy cryz, how are you man? London getting cold yet?
  2. mpfi problems

    General Tech
    Swap the two white wires at the distributor. If you have them wired wrong it will not start and will seem like the timing is severely retarded. Let the car cool off, then put your key in and flip the key into the on position. Go to the engine bay and feel underneath the distributor. If the...
  3. which block to use?

    Engine Building
    Yep it will work. You might want to clay the pistons just to be safe.
  4. Help with Y8 build.....

    Engine Building
    Go through transzez's posts. Lot's of useful info there. If I were you I would stay away from the y8 block if I could. a6 or z6 would be a better choice. Y8 head is a great head, but the block is suspect once there is 100K miles on it. Even when rebuilt. P28 ecu is a good ecu starting point as...
  5. A6 pistons in a Y8? Is it safe?

    Engine Building
    b2/b7 w/flat tops and y7 or z6 head = 9.8-10 depending on head gasket used. a6 PM6 pistons have a slight dish. Cant remember right off hand, but as Todnoss say's you will be fine.
  6. Skunk2 camgear

    Engine Building
  7. Mini-Me WON'T Start!! PLZ HELP SOMEONE!!! =(

    Engine Building
    Check compression and your MSD wiring, ecu putting out any codes?, make sure your wiring is correct again ( even if it's the 50th I am suspicious of the cam gear setting.
  8. My Project EJ8...

    Engine Building
    Much respect. Lookin good man.
  9. 90-91 D15b2 automatic throttle body

    Want to Buy
    Yes you are correct. Need the one with the automatic rotor. My zip is 32065. Thanks again man. DOG
  10. 90-91 D15b2 automatic throttle body

    Want to Buy
    I'll take it Bone. Do me a favor and pm me your address again. Thanks man, always a pleasure.
  11. 90-91 D15b2 automatic throttle body

    Want to Buy
    Yeah thats basically what I am doing. I had an extra intake dual carb intake manifold and had a friend mount two homemade aluminum adapters I made on the openings. They are stting side by side, and the biggest opsticle will be the throttle cable.
  12. 90-91 D15b2 automatic throttle body

    Want to Buy
    Why not? Ive done everything else. Got one or not?
  13. 90-91 D15b2 automatic throttle body

    Want to Buy
    Trying to build a Dual DPFI intake manifold. I need another b2 dpfi TB to complete the project. Must be in good shape with evrything on it. Thanks DOG
  14. oil restricting

    Forced Induction
    You mean the great oscarmeyer weiner doesn't have an opinion on this one?
  15. Scam?

    Serious discussion/debate
    Looks like a big hassle if not some kind of con job.
  16. D16z6 throttle body ??

    Naturally Aspirated
    Yes it can be done. Like you said, port match the TB opening and use the gasket for the F22 TB.
  17. finally got newer pics

    Yep I noticed. Link me to a before pic so I can see the difference a little better.
  18. mini me swap vs. d16y8

    Engine Building
    D16 Mini-Me Swap Write-Up by LilLowEK mini-me list parts list by Jdm.EK
  19. mini me swap vs. d16y8

    Engine Building
    Okay, now that you’ve taken the old timing belt off (and hopefully put a new water pump in), lets put the new timing belt in (Taken from helms. I recommend you have the actual manual in front of you because it includes detailed pictures and diagrams): 1. Install the timing belt in the...
1-20 of 241 Results