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  1. I'll just put this here...

    If anyone is interested... The daily :scooter: :tt2:
  2. I'll just put this here...

    Took 2 months longer then expected but... ^That is what my wallet said after spending... And they say a domestic is cheaper? BS. The Engine: Re-sealed the valley pan and valve covers. Tossed in new knock sensors + a wire sub-harness Forgot to mention the alternator only bracket. But...
  3. Vitara build 500 mile mark. oil fouled plug :( sad day.

    Engine Building
    some ones rings are lined up.. yank the one and re-ring it with new rings.
  4. Long shot - FS: 2007-08 YZF-R1 slip ons

    For Sale
    I know its a long shot, but maybe one of you guys knows a guy (or maybe you are that guy) that might want these?? They are taking up Sammo115's garage space, of the space his wife lets him have :lol: :bigok: :pinch: Anywho.. They are very nice slip ons. Not excessively loud, but not quiet...
  5. Battery Charging Issue Plz Help

    General Tech
    Alt testing is done in car.... Least thats how manufacturers requiring it to be done........ One of them is Honda btw ;)
  6. Battery Charging Issue Plz Help

    General Tech
    Hrm, yet to see anything to deal with amperage.... ~1 volt over source is charging, technically.
  7. SF Bay Area BBQ Mini Meet 9/14

    Dang, wish I can make it. Its just too far of a drive.....
  8. I'll just put this here...

    No turbo I6 for me, I am not interested in the lack of power off idle when combined with turbo lag. I would have entertained a supra swap, had they not been so expensive. Add some head studs and rod bolts, I should be able to rev to the moon. If your looking for the 5.3 as a direct swap...
  9. I'll just put this here...

    1) No, my front tire is installed correctly. 2) Power is power. I care less who the maker is. I have yet to see any proof that one design is better then the rest. I do see the flaws of each, but then if there were no flaws: how would a mechanic earn a living? They can fix the flaws, sure, but...
  10. Blew head gasket. Hows it look?

    Forced Induction
    Not sure where you are getting your figures but I am pretty sure you are wrong. The line "d-series engines suck" is not just an internet bashing statement. There are so many flaws amongst the entire line. Hell, some blocks are hard core bullet proof and the next one in the line cant even make it...
  11. I'll just put this here...

    Two months later..... Sold off the SBC 350/TH350 swap. Sold off my 02 lightning. Ordered this - Not sure what I am going to do with these parts. But they were on sale! :-)
  12. OBDIIA and OBDIIB questions

    IIRC, the cabin/floor harness should only add the pressure sensor for the tank. But there might be one other evap system sensor back there as well. Its been a while since I have been under the really early OBD2b cars. Side note: requirements for sensors for OBD2A/B are the same for d or b or h...
  13. Fresh engine, no start.

    Forced Induction
    :lol: Well fuel was mentioned. Pressure, volume and quality are required checks BEFORE checking if the injectors are firing. So add that to your book of knowledge. From my experience: nothing makes average gas hold its ability to light properly after 6+ months. If the car is carb'ed, add...
  14. Brake Caliper: Replace or Rebuild?

    General Tech
    Sadly, most people dont know any better then to use multipurpose grease for everything related to a car. Being in the field, I have seen that grease on everything under a car. Even though its actual place on a car is VERY limited. By far the most common place I find it, on guide/slide pins when...
  15. Fuse box issue?

    Wow... You have a lot going on. A LOT. The head lights for the older civics use a relay system. If the relay doesnt have power to it, then there is usually a connection problem (under hood harness). If it does have power, check the relay ground points.
  16. Brake Caliper: Replace or Rebuild?

    General Tech
    Did you measure the brake pads or are you just stabbing at it due to dust?? Measure the pad, a 1 mm (or less) difference is normal. If you used the wrong lube for the slide pins, they will stick. If you did not lube them correctly, they will stick.
  17. Ongoing Idle Issues

    General Tech
    Well lets see. For the guys that might tell you to check the FITV, well your car doesnt have one. As far as cleaning the IACV, it can only be cleaned for a bit (a day or a year, but it wont work forever). The plunger inside the IACV has a seal that is worn out due to dirt being introduced into...
  18. Junk yard engines, which one?

    Engine Building
    If the head is off the block, of the y8, I would use that block. But make sure to rebuild the bottom end.
  19. What torque wrench do you use?

    Serious discussion/debate
    I have the pre-set drain plug one for work. Makes things really fast. Why? I am curious as those brands dont make their own wrench, technically. From what I understand, 3 of them are exactly the same, even the price. Snap-on and Precision Instruments split beam/slide bar torque wrench are...
  20. Question About Re-Using HG

    Engine Building
    Anyone here know how a MLS gasket works? Apparently shoebox does...
1-20 of 152 Results