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  1. D Series AWD Conversion in 92-95 Civic

    General Tech
    I'm compiling a list of everything needed to do an AWD conversion using our D Series. The easiest route seems to be to do a D2B sdwap and go full CRV AWD and use one of the various suppliers like S1 Built, AKD, Hub City Performance, FJ Race, etc for their drivetrain mount kits. I've also seen us...
  2. AWD turbo vitara build

    Nice build. I'm getting everything together to make my D16 EJ coupe an AWD. I'd like to know what shifter and cables are you using? Did the wagovan oil pan clear the T case? Hope you are still making progress on this. I'm working on a parts list needed for this swap so I can make a sticky for...
  3. Misfire on one cylinder.

    General Tech
    Figured out the problem. I was working on it last night so I couldn't see much. I went out today and pulled the cap back off to look at the Ignitor and saw that the magnet on the pickup was running into one if the coil wires going to my MSD coil. I rerouted the wires and the miss is gone. Thanks!
  4. Misfire on one cylinder.

    General Tech
    So I finally got my car running after the fuel pump went out. It's been sitting since late April. I cranked the car and within a few seconds it developed a misfire. I found that the cylinder closest to the timing belt made no change in idle when I pulled the plug wire from the plug. I changed...
  5. Get your sticker here

    For Sale
    Are stickers still available?
  6. Hondata hitting fuel cut.

    Engine Management
    I think I've figured it out. My hot boost cut was at 19psi which immediately cuts fuel. My boost is set to 19 psi for 3rd gear at 4000rpm and above. I'll let you all know.
  7. Hondata hitting fuel cut.

    Engine Management
    That is actually right after it hits the cut out. If you notice on the display the throttle is still there but the duty cycle is 0%. Lean protection is on.
  8. Hondata hitting fuel cut.

    Engine Management
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Hondata hitting fuel cut.

    Engine Management
    I've been doing some street tuning on my car. Got it running very good other than it keeps cutting out under boost. I checked the data logs and noticed that it's cutting injector pulse. Here are the screen shots.
  10. Trans won't shift into 2nd at WOT... Thoughts?

    Transmission alley
    Thanks. I've always just broke transmissions lol. Never had one act up. I'll start looking into the rebuild threads. Syncrotech good stuff? Carbon or brass. The car is more strip than street. Thank you again!
  11. Trans won't shift into 2nd at WOT... Thoughts?

    Transmission alley
    So I finally got down on my car for the first time since I got it done the other day. Got 350 miles on the new engine. I got the trans from LKQ back in June. It's a S40. Noticed it was slightly noisy the whole time I've been driving it. Well I get on it from a dead stop in 1st and when I went to...
  12. Editing the rpm index on Hondata S300 table. Help!

    Engine Management
    Ok so I need to know how to go beyond the 8000 rpm range in my table. Do I change the indexes accordingly and then adjust the tune? Or is there a setting to do this for me. My car get really rich beyond 8000 rpm under boost (9.6:1) and starts spitting. The rest of the map is excellent. Help please.
  13. Hondata S300v2 anti lag settings

    Engine Management
  14. MT ET Streets 205/50 15

    Wheels and Tire zone
    Anyone know what pressure I should set these at when I take it to the track. Was going to set them around 20psi and adjust from there. Am I close?
  15. Magnum Performance Turbo?

    Forced Induction
  16. Hondata S300v2 anti lag settings

    Engine Management
    I'm currently getting a nice tune done at 15psi on my setup. I was wondering if anyone has any input on how to setup the boost anti-lag setting so I can get some boost off the line. All help and advice is greatly appreciated.
  17. 3" exhaust

    Naturally Aspirated
    I've got a eBay 3" on my car along with 3" dp and test pipe. It's actually pretty quiet compared to all those other civics I see running around.
  18. My return to the D16/Import Scene build.

    My Downpipe is 3" also. I noticed a drop from 210+ down to a cool 175-80 even pulling back to back test hits doing my tuning the other day. Wrapping the Downpipe made a HUGE difference! IAT also dropped about 20 degrees. I was comparing it though data logs from previous tuning and noticed the...
  19. My return to the D16/Import Scene build.

    It was on the engine and I left it after the overhaul. I have made a few good pulls on it. I don't really want to get on it too hard yet. It's only got about 200 miles on it so far. I put 4-5 cars on a 01 body Mustang GT yesterday while tuning it. Lol. Guy pulled back up beside me with his...
  20. New here.... Boosted civic

    New Member Introductions
    Overall a very clean car. Everyone has their own taste so build it to make you happy! Welcome to the board.
1-20 of 116 Results