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  1. BkNy weekend runs

    Entertainment Area
    Wow...sure seems safe standing feet from those speeding cars.
  2. Torque to Yield headbolts

    Engine Building
    Good luck. I have never seen such a procedure listed. Did you give him a reach around? Srsly, last time I priced OEM headbolts they were more than $10 a piece unless the dude I was talking to misplaced a decimal. Just looked on ebay and cheapest I found for OEM headbolts was $22ish and I'm...
  3. My wife is awesome.

    Serious discussion/debate
    Your wife has been in the VIP, I already knew she was awesome.
  4. Afi Intercooler Go-autoworks mini ram turbonetics 57 trim

    For Sale
    Damnit I want that IC. Very good price. PM me if you are interested in any trades.
  5. Torque to Yield headbolts

    Engine Building
    At which honda dealership can you get new headbolts for $15?
  6. B20VTEC help, first time B builder.

    Engine Building
    Well he is running a tune off a friends tuned B20v so it's to be expected. Car still pulls damn good though because it's lighter than a baby's fart.
  7. B20VTEC help, first time B builder.

    Engine Building
    Like 10-11's afr's after crossover IIRC.
  8. final pics of the rebuild and AEM UEGO/BOV problems..

    Forced Induction
    ^No do not do this. The HKS BOVs c-clip has a taper that must be installed a certain way (I think up but double check via google). Mine would spin if you sneezed on it. After an hour of fighting and using a new o-ring mine is tight (I had two: one used and one new).
  9. new b7 head gasket, car wont start, no spark fuel pump

    Naturally Aspirated
    Did you check your grounds and your main relay as sleepingciv suggested?
  10. Picked up this b18

    Forced Induction
    I'm not jumping on you, i'm disagreeing. If you're going to get that upset over some disagreement then maybe you should reconsider the internet.
  11. Dealing with striped valve door nuts.

    General Tech
    You don't have to buy an entire heli-coil "kit". You just need to find out what size drill bit and tap you need and then buy the inserts seperately. I had to do this early this year for a stripped halfshaft hole...cost me I think $20 or so and it actually paid off because I had to use it on...
  12. Another turbo smoke issue

    Forced Induction
    It's both valve stem seals and rings. Smoke at idle = valve stem seals
  13. Picked up this b18

    Forced Induction
    Hi, welcome to hondas. NONE of these engines were designed for 400whp but how many stock sleeve d-series engines alone (vitara builds at that...) see 400whp??? Regardless I think, and most would agree, your suggestion of sleeving is damn near pointless at his power level. And the argument...
  14. Coilover Sleeves Review

    Product Reviews
    Making a new thread would have been better than bumping an old one. Now all people are concerned about it flaming you for bumping an old thread.
  15. D15B7

    Forced Induction
    OP not too sure what the exact point of this thread was but you need to do some searching and ask a specific question instead of a general one.
  16. head stud install

    Engine Building
    I have never used a tap on those holes just a good cleaning. If you don't have an air compressor go to staples and get some cans of compressed almost as good in a pinch.
  17. Picked up this b18

    Forced Induction
    LOL @ stock B sleeves not being good for more than 300whp. Seen it done too many times with never a sleeve issue. Matter of fact the highest whp (little less than 500) I have ever seen on a B was sold my the previous owner and is still going as we speak. don't drink the H-T kool-aid. IMO I...
  18. D16Z6 running super lean

    General Tech
    The narrowband gauges have e resolution of like 1afr IIRC. Does the car run fine other than worrying about what the "light show" is doing?
  19. D16Z6 running super lean

    General Tech
    Narrowband or wideband?
  20. wtb N2O kit for cheap

    Want to Buy
    PM pikapp504. He has an almost complete setup I'm sure he would sell.
1-20 of 162 Results