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  • bbcivic ·
    Dam bro,im sorry to hear that, but i hope what ever ur moving onto is better ; P

    gona buy the turbo kit and service the engine, going to drop her in soon ; ) i'll keep u posted as how she does
    bbcivic ·
    heyy, yea man iv been busy with school/work too lol thats y i havnt been able to but hey i wanted to ask you something, the turbo that u used at 19pounds to make that 350hp, what turbo was it?

    iv been trying to look but so far no luck, would u b able to recommend me anything since it was ur motor u know it best lol,

    but deff let me know when you put that 4sale thread, u know i'll be buying goodies... could u give me a sneak peak??
    bbcivic ·
    Whats up bro, still havnt droped the engine in as im now starting to gather the turbo ; ) heyyyy wait a min, any chance u might have some turbo goodies ; )
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