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  • asemastertech ·
    Sorry to bother you again. but would it be possible for you to email me a pdf of the aem diagram? after several hours of cross referencing i have completed a pin conversion to the 2000 civic. i would really like to edit yours and post it for others that might need it. your picture post isn't 100% clear when printed out. Thanks again :)
    Rsporty ·
    Thanks, for the response, man.
    I haven't seen a diagram for bypassing it under the hood, just at the ecu. I understand the vtec oil pressure is the 2 pin connector, but am I supposed to ground the black wire, or the blue/black? Or, are you saying to use the paper clip as a jumper from the black to the blue/black on that plug?
    Rsporty ·
    Just saw that you are a "wiring master". I have a completely stock '94 civic vx and code 22 for VTEC oil pressure sensor. I've replaced the sensor, cleared the code, drove about 20 miles.....code came back. I've been researching all day about bypassing it, but everybody just posts that same damn phearable diagram that shows how to do it at the ecu. I want to do it at the VTEC solenoid. I have 2 wires on my OPS plug. Can you, please, tell me which wire at the sensor do I ground? Is that all? Just ground that one wire? Nothing else to do with the other wire? Please, help.
    Also, can you email the info to me, so I don't have to keep logging on here all day to check?
    [email protected]
    Parvez ·
    man thks.I know I am wrong in vtec.The ecu in my country is $500 with wiring .I have to change the distributor, intake and trottle.It will cost me $800.I am on a budjet.A tuner told me to hook a vtec controller that will control only the high cam.Correct me if I am wrong.
    mitchwbr ·
    Hey man, I hope you dont mind me messaging you if not dont worry about writing back. I just had A quick question for you I know you said before you use to use chip burner's to tune in the actual car. My question is did you find it time consuming to do? Im thinking you could pull the chip while the car is out of gear and the car is shut down. Maybe kind of coast it to A stop lol and just switch the chips out of the burner assuming you have two chips. I know you mentioned A little before how you did this just wondering A bit more about your experience. Thanks again
    Maz2112 ·
    the head to my setup on the hx says p2j-6 97 someone told me its 97 EX D16Y8 5sp-----P2J-6 "96" stamped on right side so im guessing it is a y8 head and i am trying to convert to an ex from hx for better performance, can you send me that guide i cant seem to find it. also is a s40 tranny good enough or should i swap that out for s20/b000?

    and one last question is this maifold good for the mini me y7/y8 setup intake says p2m-ao 970618 and on back says on back p2j hf-3
    levi genius ·
    Can you please assist me where the best ecu for performance to use with my d15b non vtec engine and my s40 manual transmission?
    Tunes362 ·
    First of all thank for sharing your experties :)
    I finally had my d16 boosted running but i still have some question and i havent found anwers yet

    Setup goodspeed 57 trim, turbosmart wastegate( 5 psi) , 440 cc injector , aem fic

    1) timing 1 degrre per psi...?
    2) afr at what rpm and load should i have the afr at 12+-
    3) where did you intall your primary 02 senspr i have like 2 inches a way from the turbo and i get a code ...?
    Tunes362 ·
    I will make all the conections, my engine is a d16y7 and i could not find any diagrams to my ecu obd2b P2E, but i found the diagram for the obd2a in one of your post, is pretty much the same but the ecu has different pin outs

    Also you explain something about
    DO NOT USE CAM1 wires.
    It will just throw a check engine light.
    Only tap Crank and Cam2 MAGI-

    So i discard al cam1 wires
    Do not use MAGO-
    But which Crank wire do i eliminate and whcich one i tapmi got confised on that one
    madmader ·
    Yo hey man. I got the full neptune RTP demon + lc-1. Found a p06 auto ECU. Installed and converted auto to manul.
    Going to do vtec if I ever can find a damn y8 head around me. Not going to pay for shipping...

    Just got some OEM 99 00 SI rims. Gun metal.

    Got dollie and hammer set. Getting all those dents out. Bought a IR 24gal comp and whole gravity spray setup. Ordering the paint this week. Thinking about painting that black trim some color to match my carbon hood and duckbill.

    Have a camber/caster full set I will install this week, with the ECU. Car now is slamned, but has some coilovers I will adjust up. Keep scraping the cars between intersections.....

    After all that, or when it's not so fucking hot out I will port the head. That is if I can find one. I need one in a BAD BAD way.
    madmader ·
    Hey xile. Going to get Neptune with demon and LC-1 wide band.
    Also looking at a whole y8. It has s40 trany, not sure if I would want that. Thinking the rpm would fall to high for highway cruising gas eco. I think he wants to much. says 400 block 250 trans.
    block = head +IM/inj + alt,dist, and po6 ecu though (p06 is non vtec so..)

    Also found a whole z6 for 250 (comes with auto trans)
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