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  • Onehit ·
    This is an update to a message I recently sent you regarding my 1999 Honda manual transmission isb repair. As soon as i finished writing my email to you asking for more info, I thought I was locked out of 5th & reverse, I rechecked my shifter and medium forced the stick into 5th and reverse gear, which was only really stiff in comparison to 1st to 4th which was easy, so I was afraid of causing damage. Once, I re-drove the car the gears loosened up. In other words everything went right the first time,thanks to your instructions. The reason i was second guessing, is that the picture you show for the interlocking bolt, it can be positioned in partial or inbetween shifts, with the slot showing, so I was worried on how critical it would be for gear lockout.
    Very happy,great job. I drove my Honda like it was a ferrari. Thanks.
    armored ZC ·
    Hey I was wondering how you got that hub nut off its very hard and the rotor keeps moving. I tried keeping it still using a punch but the nut wont come loose.
    please contact me asap thanks regards
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