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  • scketch ·
    Hey man, I sent you a PM on here, hoping I can get some info from you about the Austin area, living expenses, and possibly working at your shop. Hit me up mayne!
    awebb ·
    Can't rep so you so I'll post it here. I want a Forester because:

    -Same AWD 2.5 Turbo H4 as the STI
    -With about $1k worth of mods I can make more power than an STI
    -Seats 5
    -Weighs slightly less than an STI
    -Get's STUPID "What just happened" faces when leaving redlights.

    slo_eg8 ·
    I hope it lasts this time lol, my girl is a month preggo now, we went to the dr last night. looks like our family is getting bigger lol, my 2 and her son.....shes hoping for a girl lol
    slo_eg8 ·
    appreciate the kind words bud. last night was great, my kids had a great time and really enjoyed themselves and had huge smiles on their face. a few more months and they shall be mine again
    Mikes-Gurl <3 ·
    haha oh shit my B. lol. i'll fix that ina sec.

    and that flat black 92 Civic lx that mike had, i bought. we just recently sold it in need of paying off his fines tho. so rihgt now we are between cars.
    jEromy ·
    LOL i know you were talkin bout a star i just thought it was relevent that i had a jewfro since you mentioned a jewstar.
    Egwhite ·
    Well since i was 13 so 9 years. but i havent played for 5-6 lol Havent had a drumset in that long. I like to play funky type stuff to alternative/soft rock. Fun stuff really. I like to play hard rock as well but nothing with lots of riffs and crazyness.
    Egwhite ·
    Just sharing the highlight of my day lol

    & now. Except we are still gettin snow everynow and then. We just got 9inches Fri. & we're supposed to get some more Tues.
    Egwhite ·
    You do realize you alone could just come stay with me and board in Vail. Its better than KEY. Free place to stay + Free board rental + $45 buddy passes.
    Egwhite ·
    lol fail. We're supposed to get hit again with some snow this Tuesday. Im hoping its huge. Im ready for summer though So i can actually work on my car and keep it clean
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