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  • Egwhite ·
    Yea im in CO so the summers arent too bad and plus i like rolling with the windows down anyway.
    The A6 is stout for sure i can also say its def. my favorite d-series.
    Ive had a z6, d15b, and y7/y8 but id take an a6 over all lol
    This will be my first boosted motor as well so I really have to start learning all the lil basics of tuning and maintenance lol
    Egwhite ·
    Yea thats how i want mine to be all oem options stock, some suspension and some light wheels for some and the crx blades w/studded snow tires for winter, slammed lol.
    So you converted to obd1 then? im assuming the vtec is hooked up the z6 then.
    Mine is all fresh rebuilt goodness so ill be ok with pushing it a lil lol
    Hmm wonder how light your coupe is to my wagon?
    I remember looking to the neptune and demon but realized after buying all the things you need it wasnt much cheaper than just going s300.
    I really just want to stay OBD0 thats been my weird fetish goal or somethinng haha
    Egwhite ·
    WHaaattttt! lol thats some shit.
    With such low compression is it doggy before boost starts to build?
    I just picked up an awd wagovan with a fresh rebuilt A6 and wanted to turbo it backyard style but im just curious on tuning the bitch. Its a lot to learn and i dont wanna ef up my DD.
    I want what you got reliability but i can still beat the piss out of it too lol.
    Just dont know what if id be happy with such a low compression like 7 up here in CO nor do i wanna take the engine apart.
    When are you thinking youll ave it tuned? and what is the basemap being ran on? turboedit?
    lamar94coupeex ·
    hey i need a lil help i got a z6 and im puiting a y8 head on it and i have a aftermarkit timing gear what do i need to set my timing to b perfact and will i run in to any more probs would realy appraciate the help
    Black91CRXsi ·
    It's much easier to get higher levels on single player. All you need to do is:
    1.)Have the thundergun for emergencies only(conserve it's ammo)
    2.) Use a wall gun of your preference for primary. I recommend the AK74u or MP40. Both are great for points.
    3.) Monkeys for emergencies.
    4.) Run a circle from main lobby to up stairs to around the stage and repeat. Keep the zombies in large groups behind you. Stop briefly to turn around a pick a couple off at a time. If you mow too many down at once, they will spawn in front of you and block you path. Good luck!!!
    Hmotors ·
    Yo I took that pully off to get the key on the junk y8 and iv got the timing belt on the z6 next is my clutch & pressure plate from the y8 do you think I need a alignment tool with the motor out?
    uptownsamcv ·
    still have the t25? i sent out a money order to another member that has one and i cant seem to get in contact with him now.
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