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  • Projctr ·
    hey man do you still have he build b7 block for sale? If so how much do you want for it shipped to 21523? thanx
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Thanks, man. I got it for a pretty good price too. It's a solid piece of
    machinery too. According to the numbers, this was military issue and
    sold after the Soviet Union fell. However, it would take a lot of work
    to prove that. I was told that by a guy who deals with these on a
    regular basis..
    Single Cam D ·
    hey man i lost all my numbers hit me back with urs,Was wondering if you had a spare d15b2/b7 block and or head that you dont want....Message me back with ur cell and what not alright later bro.
    Single Cam D ·
    Damn Know anyone else by chance really need to sell it today.Hard times need to send money to buy my little 6 month old son clothes.
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