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  • EF9 ·
    sounds like fun planned. good luck with whatever route you choose cause its really having fun that makes it worth the trouble
    Staypuff578 ·
    Hey man, I have a complete Y7 bottom end with Eagle/vitara, golden eagle block guard, ARP rod bolts and head studs if you are interested. It spun a bearing on the third i think cylinder, and didn't spin bad, everything is still fresh.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Right on, man. I had planned on having a lot more progress done to that red 'Del Sol I picked up a while back but I've gotten almost ZERO accomplished this summer. I'm usually a lot more diligent about getting shit like that done but it's been kinda' crazy around here...I picked up a completely rebuilt B7 head a few months ago that has just sat I'm going to start doing extensive work to it and get it swapped out with mine by November or so. Then probably start doing all the body work to the other 'Sol in the winter. It's got a Z6 that I need to completely rebuild...most likely for boost.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Here are some better pics of the G&L Superhawk, man. Took'em in the garage where
    I had sufficient lighting - 1984 G&L Superhawk
    Bumpysbro ·
    ya its a pain, i got my A1, A6, A8 about 3 years ago now lol and still havnt got a mechanic job. so now their basically just useless without the shop experience. i have to recertify in 2 years hahah!
    dougshatch ·
    aw fuck man, i guess i'll have to buy a whitewall tyres.....maybe i'll just paint a dull red on steelies and everyone will know its a ratrod tyte
    dougshatch ·
    hahah thats what i was talkina bout! but white wall with dull red steelies, thats true ratrod y0, i might paint the white wall with rattlecan!! FTW hahaha
    Thewall ·
    Hahaha nice man, oh and your car deserves it too lol. What have you done to it? Do you have a build thread?
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    It's coming along pretty well. I need to get chipped and tuned and I'll be happy for a while. I've got the baby boy so it's hard. But I'm not out hitting the bars and getting loaded anymore..maybe a couple times a year, so I deserve it as a gift to myself, right? I mean, I'd blow that kind of money in a night or two a few years back. Easy. With that rational, I totally deserve it. Hah!
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    That's cool, dude. Whatever. Figures you'd pull some shit like that. Dick.
    LOL. Seriously, though. Right on. I have no cash right now anyway. Couldn't rep ya cuz it said I needed to spread some more around.
    Dmod ·
    Well, Thats illegal, and she knows that i do it.. can't prove it but she knows.. so she'll request a drug test and atleast here in SC they do hair strand tests.. I got a court date in less than a month so i hafta stop now so it will be outta my system by then. So I guess temporarily till everything is settled i won't be able to smoke for fear of a surprise drug test. I guess i'll become a temp alchy.
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