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  • multicolor ·
    Hey there,

    I have been reading many posts and seemed like you could possibly have the answers to questions i had.

    I have a d15b2, was hoping to use a set of NPR PG6 pistons stock bore, milling the block .027", and the head .010", Tri Flow 1 cam, i/h/e,MPFI swap of course.

    I purcharsed the NPR PG6 pistons prior to verifying they would fit without some type of machining. After reading more i realized they would not be beneficial alone.

    So would i just need to deck the block .027" and the head .010" in order to use these pistons and get slightly higher compression? Thanks for your time
    Bwright1982 ·
    I just recently picked up a dohc zc motor and a zc tranny was wondering if you knew what I need to do to swap it in my95 civic lx. Any info would be appricated
    BCarter ·

    I'm fairly new to the site; hopefully not bothering you. I have read many posts/topics that you have posted helpful information. I was curious as to if you knew much about 5th gen Preludes? I'm looking to get a SH as a daily while I build my Del Sol.

    Thank you for your time,

    Brian Carter
    DavesLittleEG6 ·
    Hello Mr. Beaver, just wanted to say that I am a fan of your work and wisdom, and that I hope you continue to contribute to DSO as I have been learning quite a lot from you, Bone, and a lot of other guys. Even though you may seem like the biggest d*** on here, i find your blog and build threads rather inspiring. One day I wish to build my cars with your philosophy in mind.

    - Another fankid, Dave
    91 Si love in the 209 ·
    Heard a rumor you were the guy to ask about a turbo edit .bin for a z6 and I'm gonna use the ac switch. Got a good grasp of turboedit but would like to at least compare. Thanks in advance.
    btbam ·
    yea its been on c list for a week at 3300$ obo and no calls. i will prolly have to give it away for like 2000$.. sucks i have more than that in adapter plates hehe. but the car is no good for the baby to ride in. Its a money pit. it wants to eat $$ all the time. And seeing now that it will never be worth a dime to anyone else, its time to move on.
    btbam ·
    getting ready to sell the f22 hatch you tuned. havent heard from u in a while this is chris. its on c list now and no calls. no one knows what it is!! i know they think the f22 is slow+accord! as soon as its gone i wanna pay for those injectors. I never heard back from you. I wanna post it for sale on here. but i am not gunna live on this site to get 65 post.
    559civic_dx ·
    Hi I'm trying to find your email and I might be wrong but I remember seeing it here on your profile but I can't seem to find. If I could get t from you, that would be great.
    bullet67 ·
    well maybe they weren't "original" but I bought it at best jap engines in marietta and it had pm7's in it. Just trying to figure out what the difference in compression is between the pm7's and d16 p28's.
    bullet67 ·
    hey acid_beaver quick question I'm going cheap and putting p28 pistons in my sohc zc block I just want it to run. My question for you is can you tell me what the compression might be as opposed to its original pm7 pistons. I honestly don't know how to read the compression calc. Not afraid to admit I'm no math student! lol.
    EGCoupe94 ·
    The torque comes on right away and it continues to pull. 1st gear has mad wheel spin, second gear breaks free but not as much. I need a new 3rd gear. It's such a damn tall gear!!
    Oval Racer ·
    Hey man Im back ready for more ....i posted in engine tuned a pm6 for me last year....on my 91 civic si oval race helped me out a lot
    Shane Ruthnum ·
    Was I wrong to assume that danz was being rude when he wrote that I type too much but ay too little?
    I admit I dont know him well enough so I could have missread him.
    If thats the case I will appologise!
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