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  • slo_eg8 ·
    good luck with that. it was bad enough that I pissed them off when other members were requesting me to be a mod... theres a thread somewhere. just put in the request, and see if others want more people around.
    Sac*HXy5 ·
    That's good to hear, I haven't been to a race or show in too long. Oh yeah, I remember now, it's a bummer! Hopefully someone buys it and keeps the track but who knows.
    We're you going to drag? Or just got watch? My wife and I would be watching haha no racecar :( lol
    Sac*HXy5 ·
    Now that you mention it, I might be able to get my wife and I out there this year. This might be the last one in Sacramento, the racetrack is closing sometime soon I think.
    Sac*HXy5 ·
    I can say the same for you! That thread is hilarious.

    I live in South Sac off of Fruitridge. I have family in Tracy and Turlock area. So I'm through Manteca/Stockton often.
    I work here in Sac.
    slo_eg8 ·
    weak. figure that shit out lol. robin (whoshot) has been mia for a minute, and I could use a temporary sidekick
    dougshatch ·
    My dawg!!! I've been doing good! Hope everything been good with you and fam, And Yeah I feel you on that one bro...I feel those people abandon this site for Fagbook dso.... :ugh:

    well check out my thread! :TU:
    2drz6 ·
    Oh man, it has been a while. I don't get on here like I use to. That really goes for all my forums. Between work 2 kids and the wife we are just gettin by.

    Hope life is treating you well holmes.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    I have lots of them...the problem is I'm building my second one right now and
    need every single part I can get my hands on / keep. If I have anything left over,
    I'll let you know. Make a list ASAP (tonight even) and I'll see if I have doubles.
    I need extra cash anyway for shit...unless you gots shit to trade. That's cool too.
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