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  • soslow93 ·
    quick question , reading through several threads and notice you may have some knowledge as it relates to mini me setups inparticular the b7 y7 ... finally got mine put together and running
    so the back story picked up a 99 sedan with hole in the block
    enter d15b7 bottom end...
    had it machined and over bored.. i assembled block
    so have 0mile bottom end
    3 layer mhg
    y8 manifold withy7 throttle body
    stock ecu with the little cyp trick thing "cutting wires"
    car runs great till it warms up then it idles really low
    finally drove it outside my neighborhood today and the car is very sluggish and almost felt retarded in the timing...
    have gear at 4.5* advande and the dizy timing it advanced as well.
    from everything i can tell the base timing it good...? any thoughts?
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