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  • T-MacK ·
    Was just saying I know 02-05 SI-SIR's all come with the same ecu and hp rating as Canada. I was only getting pissed because some guy with a B7 and bolt'ons saying hes destroying K-s and B-s with his ride was making me shit/laugh my ass off.
    glenniz ·
    Definitely some good info about Devcon. I'm seriously going to use this on an A6 head that I have. Stock A6 flows about 159 cft of air and some of the best numbers I have seen are about 190 cft. I really believe that 200+ cft of air is possible without having to hog out the ports and losing all low end power.
    Thanks for the rep man!
    Sarge ·
    yeah, i was checking out their website, looks pretty nice. i may have to take a trip down there one weekend. they also rent their dyno by the hour, that i am very interested in.
    Sarge ·
    i haven't been there, neither have i heard of them before, probably because i don't go to concord or charlotte very often. what all do they do? full race shop, tuning, etc?
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