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  • ffdrifter ·
    is there any way we can make the classifieds sticky in the n00b section, biggger, or in some way stand out more? theres been like 4 "were r the classifieds" threads in the last week or two.
    dgerick ·
    I can’t seem to find this question in past forums or posts maybe I searched wrong?

    I do not know how to start new post or even if I am privileged to do so? Can you give me some guidance?
    dgerick ·
    I have a d15b2 in a 1990 dx hatchback with manual transmission and want to put a d16y7 engine in it from a 96 dx sedan that had an automatic transmission but leave the manual transmission. Will this work and what would be required to complete this swap choice may not be optimal but already own both cars.
    ekhatch21 ·
    hi, i am new here and i posted one thread and commented on another. i looked at my post count and there's none. why would i not have 2 post?
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