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  • blackd16hatch ·
    hey thanks for the info. letting me know zc sohc nonvtec wasnt the d16z6. I talked to and ordered from hmotorsonline, and learned jdm zc's don't use number codes like usdm like d126y7 or d16y8 or d16zc, totally different system category system they use on their blocks...I would have just rebuilt y7, but slung a rod through my block, so i figured after paying for new block, then rebuild kit, and having to redo bearings and rings and everything, the time and money it was just best to go with ordering from hmotorsonline, i would advise them to anyone. great nice people and alot of knowledge of their product. only problem i had to preorder, so would have been quicker for me to use a used engine or rebuild after i found shortblock, but I can't argue with getting such a low mileage motor and honda manufactured it better than i could have rebuilt it, with low miles its a safe bet
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