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  • BogusSVO ·
    Yes I do have the EJ torque plate, witch crank do you have? the black nitrate or the bronze/blue flame hardened one? I got a report back that one my builds hit 570Awhp on the dyno tune, full ported heads kelford cams blah blah blah
    civicdxude ·
    hey bro. there has been a few times youd asked me what part on MO im from Piece City its like 45 mins away from springfield. you from MO im guessing?
    snm95ls ·
    You should have received an email from Paypal.

    I got my stuff yesterday or Monday, so your stuff should show up.
    Dmod ·
    when black knight sent you your items.. he said that paypal has the tracking info.. where is that on the paypal website?
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