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  • BeerDrinkin ·
    You will have to drill the holes for the spoiler but the install kit comes with a template you tape to the trunk to show where to drill.
    BeerDrinkin ·
    16 Camry spoiler comes pre painted and cost you $127 plus shipping, list $170.

    There is an install kit that cost you $40, list for $50.
    Mr.Fodo ·
    Your setup will allow a small bump in boost if you need more, plus I have a mild Cam you could throw at it that will make up for it as well lol.

    50hp loss is extra high, it's closer to 15% loss, and with your new trans + block, it should bring you even closer.
    Mr.Fodo ·
    Yea no machining, and I wouldn't relay on the head gasket for clearance haha.

    Keep the forged pistons since they are set right, and Bogus didn't actually do any machining to your rods right? Since bearing clearance is set and Pistons/ rings and ETC are set, just get different rods. Them Psshhhh!
    keel_hauled ·
    I would just add rep to you with comments but I haven't been able to give you rep in a long time for whatever reason. I guess I'll just quote you and add a somewhat smart ass comment to responses in threads in lieu of rep point things.
    Djruel01 ·
    was that you that could manipulate pages or was that an admin. or are you an admin? Thanks for clearing that guy post if it was, completely uncalled for.
    ej_emilayy326 ·
    Nah, not dead yet. Just been focusing on work. I am actually finally starting to work on my car. Gonna make it to Import Alliance in ATL next month.
    2drz6 ·
    Well lesson learnt I guess. Worse thing they can do is take the mags, not ship them and call me up to come get them. Which at that point there is no reason as $25 work of mags and ammo is not worth twice that in gas money to go to the hub and get it.

    Oh well. Good intentions, bad planning and execution on my part
    2drz6 ·
    There was 2 mags and some ammo that went out with it.

    Its not so much the monetary value as the principle. I hope whoever stole them or didn't return it back to the package crashes into a flipping tree.
    2drz6 ·
    Was the address label intact on it?

    Also was the mags in there as well?

    But I will pass this along to my wife. She is the one that packed it up lol
    2drz6 ·
    Well dang Will lol. I think I have the most issues from things that come from that way. Everything else gets here fairly quickly.... Even the stuff straight from China.

    BTW that scope has been zeroed to a 6.8 SPC at 200 yards. So if I am thinking correctly, your windage (left to right) should be fairly spot on, but your elevation (up down) will be high.

    Also on the turret adjustments, up and down, left and right all corresponds with point of impact. So if your shooting low and to the left, you will turn the turrets in the direction of up and to the right.
    2drz6 ·
    Just rechecked the tracking. It arrived in Tampa this morning.

    I have a feeling I am going to run into a similar issue as I bought an upper from a shop down in FL and sent out the money order on Monday along with your package.

    Plus I have had this issue send and getting stuff from FL. Yall need to get yalls shit to together..... Jk lol

    But all bullshit aside, idk why it took so long to get down there to the distro center.
    Chloehonda ·
    Seriously, I don't need to see or post pics when attempting to discuss topics pertaining to 130 hp cars. Because I'm not fucking 12. Fun and cheap, granted, but Civics are "worthless" WITH pics. Grow up, fuck off, ban me.
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