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  • Morice7 ·
    thanks alot for the response ! i didnt go on forum alot lately hehe , but got my thing fixed and working real goood now its sold , up to a new d16 project !!
    Morice7 ·
    Hi Siregcivic ! im new to this forum as i stumble upon one of your posts on this forum , i was myself building a D16Y8 from a acura el 99 turbo with 450cc inj with proper resistor box on a p28 ecu , and i cant see to get my map good i think im having trouble with the injector offset or i dont know im really lost right now ... would you have anything to help me out ? if you want i can post you my progress on my current map , the car starts but really not for long , i get fuel trough exhaust as i think im being way too rich or injection just not on time im really not sure :(

    Thanks for helping a pal in advance !
    JDMBRP420 ·
    Hey man I'm having the same problem as a few other guys on here and that's the fact that I have no tuners available where I live, which is Newfoundland Canada, I have a y7 bottom end with acl main/rod bearings, arp head/rod bolts, rc autoworks connecting rods, 75 mm Teflon coated vitara pistons, comp cams street cam, y8 head and intake manifold and all new gaskets and seals, Bosch 630 cc injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump, GM 3 bar map sensor, innovative LC-1 wideband 02 sensor, and last but not least a Hondata s300 with the p28 ecu, the car runs and hauls pretty good but there's a few small issues I'm having so my question is if I pay you a fee would you be willing to tweak my car to get it where I want it ? Any input would be greatly appreciated ! Thanks !
    irocz6 ·
    Hi I am trying to mAke a bacemap in Neptune for my y8 turbo. I could use some help with the timing values. I came across a thread were you said you would be will to help with this. Lots of conflicting views on this. I'm starting to thing a z6 came gear make really simplify tuning this motor. Thank you, Eric
    aqua_chicken ·
    i spoke with Pata today and he said that fontana might be opening up again soon, and could possibly do a DSO lil bbq type thing over there and run the cars. i live between fontana and irwindale so each are about a 20min drive lol
    aqua_chicken ·
    sorry it took so long to get back to ya but those are the guys i go to for just bout everything car related lol not so much into street racing but wanting to go to irwindale or button willow just to get the experience with the car
    aqua_chicken ·
    hey man do u by any chance know mike and anthony at Highend? iv heard mikey built before around the shop and in a couple vids iv seen. be cool to connect with someone from the area
    eg8_D16turbo ·
    hey buddy i need a favour......i live in Pakistan....i have done a vitara build,but the real problem is that we dont have any tuner here in Pakistan...nobody knows about crome and other tuning in big trouble...its been 2 months i did the built and i blown y engine 2 times...its my last time if u could help me out...i will be very thankful to you....
    spadesEG ·
    Hey I read a post that you can chip and tune ecus. I was Wondering if you could chip and tune my my setup is. Zc bottom y8 head. 440cc injectors at 7 psi... I live in la and I'm willing to trave and I wanted to do it this Friday .... also what kind of a tune is it ... ... let me know 8187367207
    Max713 ·
    Woops, did not mean to rep you at all. I have no comment on the post that I repped you on, as I don't agree with it what so ever. I respect your opinion, and do not want to further the argument. The rep was meant for Pata.

    wheelgarage ·

    Do you have a write up on the HF to Si cluster conversion? I searched for hours and could not find it.

    I have an 88 STD hatch and have a 90-91 cluster. I cannot figure the blue connector, which I do not have.

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