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  • 1.5Slowmatic ·
    idk what ill do next. maybe like 1 1/2 blue stars and see. i noticed the roll with hte purple was short. it was up and down a lot but it was fast. i might try the red diamonds next. i wish they weren't freakin 20 bucks a pop though. shit sucks. Once i've had red diamonds ill be able to pick my fav. Also might try acid soon since the guy we get it from is 10 bucks a hit and as strong as 2 hits
    1.5Slowmatic ·
    Yo, so i tried purple stars the other night. I prefer blue ones better man. you really should see if you can get some. i did 1 1/2 purples and it was decent but not like a blue star. I've also hear red diamonds are even better yet. Might be next on the list to try.
    Zor_Primo ·
    Sorry dude I wasn't trying to blast you. I got mine from Tom @ YoParts! I was just trying to help you out is all. I thought $200 was a little steep is all. I'll delete my post so you won't think I've disrespected you or something.
    Nasty_Canasta ·
    Man, I used to be able to go for weeks before the couple-day-sobriety-break. Having a kid really changes that. My drinking was legendary.
    [email protected] ·
    just wondered if you received the info i pm'd you? I checked on my tracking they will come on the 20th. I'll let you know how they are when I receive them... seems ok though hopefully they fit correctly. d16z6 accel #7913y.......20$ they price @ like $80 at advance.....
    sick1camcivic ·
    yeah he mailed me back today...said he was sorry it would ship out tomarrow..and hes gonna do some more work to it for wondering what its gonna be!!!
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