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  • LowFlyin' ·
    The R32 has a different fitment from the R33 and R34.

    The 92-00 Civic and 94-01 Integra fitments don't really fit the plastic assembly.

    I really don't have a great filter option for the R32 plastic assembly. Closest thing would be something like the S14 or 07-and-older Subarus.
    slo_eg8 ·
    I don't even know what this thing is anymore then. it has a t3 flange welded onto it (crappily) and then it has a standard 5 bolt downpipe. but its a Chrysler lol
    Esotericimage ·
    I read it at least 2 years ago, my memory is gone and cant remember shit i posted last week. lolol But this is only for LS B20 rods as they dont require a high torque setting. If anything, email ARP yourself if you want confirmation.
    BogusSVO ·
    A few grand and 12 weeks , you can get most anything made in china, I would bet that the Vitara long rods from FJ and P2P come from over there...
    slo_eg8 ·
    Bro, that pic you posted of the fender brace, what is that black piece that slides in the frame rail? I notice the op's pic has it as well
    Faztec1 ·
    Just about complete. I had to set it aside as I was swamped with a bunch of custom projects from a local 4x4 club. I will be concentrating again on del Sol projects starting this next week.
    yabloko ·
    back here it was even harder )
    yep, there was a press conference with Putin and he claimed that Russian army will not invade to Ukraine, apart from that, whole event was about bending truth and denying facts.
    anyway, a people back here are inspired by latest events and looking forward to positive changes =)
    yabloko ·
    russians are trying to provoke us. we're just try not to respond to this and personally me i'm ready to kick their asses any second.
    beside the missinformation there's a lot of provocative actions from civilians, like in the capital city of a district that borders with Russia,
    a russian nazi raised a flag of russian federation on the roof for a government building, but a number of people doing this is hardly a 1000 in a cities with 1M population.
    at the same time in my native city (~500k pop.) there were a demonstration to support peace and sovereignty gathered about 4k people.
    does it affect daily life? almost doesnt back here, or anywhere else in Ukraine.
    sorry if I was unclear or talking too much as there's a lot of things you need to know to understand the situation without anyone's bent opinion.
    my wife have a lot of friends in Poland and Czech Rebublic and they are worried about us too )

    PS message limited to 1000 ch 0_o
    yabloko ·
    ok sit down and prepare to listen as it will be a looong story =)))
    after more than one hundred people were killed by special forces in Kiev during protests and president fled to Russia, our parliament took responsibilities and now rules the country.
    for some reasons, that are unclear now, maybe Putin's personal ambitions or fear, that the revolution is possible in Russia too, he is now claiming that our parliament is not legit (that's bullshit they were elected along with the president)
    and our country fallen to anarchy and riots, ukrainian nazis are killing innocent people for speaking russian language, and other crap,
    missinformation is heavy, each day there's some messages in new that some ukrainian base was captured by russian troops, or whatever, then a day later you find out it is a lie.
    TheAssassin ·
    I got my machine work done at Scott Reider Inc. They're one of the few machine shops that I've been to, but I haven't really searched too hard.
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