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  • eg8_D16turbo ·
    Hey dude i need a favour from you....i did the almost same build but my head is entire stock,my block has vitara pistons and eagle plans are to have around 300-350whp...but the real problem is we dont have good tuners in Pakistan so im in big trouble now,but i do have some basics of A/F maps and crome requesting u to kindly guide me for would be very nice of you..i will be runing 540cc high impedence injectors, 14psi of boost,Garrett T04b turbo.
    scottdh20 ·
    We'll see....if the block is trashed but the crank is ok I will do what I originally had planned....built d15b7 w/ d15b crank and fj superkit. If its all ok then I will just toss a fj kitg at it. If its all trashed I may want that .....then we'll see what motor I can find for a decent price...
    Staypuff578 ·
    WTF, hmmmm.........

    Either way hopefully the crank is still salvageable, if not I know someone that MAY have a D15B crank (that's if you don't have an extra).

    FJ kit FTMFW, I have one sitting in my room waiting for my Y8 to blow the fuck up lol.
    Staypuff578 ·
    Holy fuck man, that is some shit. Luckily you had an oil pressure gauge so it didn't happen so unexpectedly, at least you had an idea something was wrong.

    Well fuck, sounds like you need to tear that bitch down and see what failed, by the sound of it, i'm gonna say your oil pump or possibly pickup is clogged?

    Now what? 300whp Z6 build? Rebuild and reboost the current motor?
    anarcki ·
    hey man when you said

    "crx si (d16a6) cam w/ d16y8 cam gear
    z6 intake manifold
    z6 tranny"

    did you mean thats the stuff i want on a rebuilt z6 head & my d15b8 block for now?
    d17project ·
    so what do you thinks the perfect thing for me to achieve an even drop to where i have 1 finger gap and having 17" rota d2's.
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